Permanent end to California law that forced pro-life centers to advertise for abortion

AB 775 was struck down in June by the U.S. Supreme Court

A 2015 California law forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion was brought to a permanent end Friday evening, thanks to an order by a federal district court. With that, AB 775, which essentially was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in NIFLA v. Becerra in June, is now officially dead, unable to compel pro-abortion speech from life-affirming pregnancy … [Read more...]

The protection pregnancy centers and clinics really need

"The housing crisis making headlines throughout Southern CA has disastrous ramifications for women who are expecting children, and is very often the driving factor to despair and abortion"

It may surprise some people to learn that there are close to 90 pro-life pregnancy centers and clinics in Southern California. Women and families in need are welcomed, respected and provided material resources as well as referrals for healthcare, housing, education, employment, childcare and other services. According to statistics available from Guttmacher Institute, 59% of … [Read more...]

U.S. Supreme Court skeptical about California law targeting pro-life centers

Even some of the liberal justices voiced concern over parts of the law during an hour-long argument today

A California law that requires Christian-based facilities that steer pregnant women away from abortion to post notices about the availability of state-subsidized abortions ran into trouble at the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, with justices on the right and left indicating it may violate free speech rights. Various justices voiced concern that the Democratic-backed 2015 law … [Read more...]

Free speech victory for California pregnancy centers

Judge halts law forcing pro-life centers to advertise abortions

  Editor's note: we recently published a related story, "Does it violate free speech?". Though the same issues are at stake, the following story involving a Riverside judge's decision was in a state court and unrelated to the federal case. In a major victory for free speech, Riverside County Superior Court Justice Gloria C. Trask ruled late Monday that California must … [Read more...]

Does it violate free speech?

U.S. Supreme Court weighs challenge to California law forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion

The Supreme Court is weighing whether to hear an anti-abortion group’s challenge on free speech grounds to a California law that requires “crisis pregnancy centers” — which advocate alternatives to the procedure — to also advise clients that the state offers free or low-cost contraception and assistance in ending their pregnancy. The justices could announce as early as Monday … [Read more...]

Anti-abortion appeal survives in San Diego federal court

Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit filed by pro-life pregnancy centers challenging state requirement they refer patients to abortion providers

A federal judge advanced a challenge by anti-abortion centers to the constitutionality of a California law that requires state-licensed health centers to tell patients about state-run free or low-cost health care and family planning services, including abortion. The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates et al. sued California and San Diego County in 2015, challenging … [Read more...]

Riverside center fights abortion with compassion and information

Riverside Life Services has been helping women with unintended pregnancies for more than 40 years

For over 40 years, Riverside Life Services has been helping women with unintended pregnancies in Riverside make well-informed decisions about their pregnancy. Nearly two years ago, nursing student Jenn Lundy and her boyfriend were faced with an unplanned pregnancy. She recalled feeling very sick the night she learned she was pregnant and checked herself into the emergency … [Read more...]

Appeals court upholds California pregnancy-center law

9th Circuit finds law forcing pro-life centers to refer clients to abortion providers doesn't violate First Amendment

The following comes from an October 14 Christian News article by Heather Clark: SACRAMENTO — A federal appeals court has rejected a request for an injunction against a California law that requires pro-life pregnancy centers to provide information on government abortion programs. “California has a substantial interest in the health of its citizens, including ensuring that … [Read more...]