Priest’s book offers Catholics advice on how to discuss same-sex attraction

"Made for Love: Same-Sex Attractions and the Catholic Church," written by Father Michael Schmitz and published by Ignatius Press, offers guidance on how to talk about subject "without pushing away those who view it differently than the Church"

Driven by his love for his brother, who identifies as a gay man, and seeing how, all too often, young adults often fall in love with the Catholic Church but lose interest when it comes to its teachings on same-sex attraction, Father Michael Schmitz wrote the new book MADE FOR LOVE: SAME-SEX ATTRACTIONS AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.  The disconnect between the teachings of the … [Read more...]

Fraternal invitation to Bishop McElroy and Father Martin

Let's embrace the truth about homosexual inclination that is at the heart of our Church’s teaching

San Diego bishop McElroy recently wrote in defense of Jesuit Fr. James Martin’s work after it became known that Martin was disinvited from several Catholic speaking engagements, in large part due to backlash from multiple Catholic sources expressing concern over Martin’s writing and speaking on homosexuality and the Church. There is a bit of a media firestorm now associated … [Read more...]

Why does a homosexual man refuse to call himself gay?

A candid and compassionate perspective on having lived a homosexual lifestyle before finding peace and authentic love in the Catholic Church

Daniel Mattson's life was marked by constant turmoil between his faith in God and his sexual attractions toward other boys, beginning when he was 6 years old. Finding the conflict between his homosexual desires and the teachings of his church too great, he assumed he was gay, turned his back on God in anger and eventually began a relationship with another man. Yet freedom and … [Read more...]

New ministry in LA for family members of gays and lesbians

Will be the only Catholic support group in the diocese in line with church teaching

The following is an email that was sent to California Catholic Daily this week: Dear CalCatholic,  I am a regular reader and faithful committed Catholic. I am also a mother of an adult who is living in a same sex relationship. Last year you ran my story (written by Joseph Sciambra) of finding no help in the LA archdiocese except for gay affirming ministries: How … [Read more...]

Can you teach the truth and not be a hater?

Diocese of Phoenix and Courage International organize the Truth and Love conference to counter a "misplaced compassion"

In a country where gay marriage has gained widespread acceptance – both culturally and legally – in the past several years, it can be difficult for pastors or others in ministry to stick to the Church’s teachings on the subject without feeling like a bigot or a hater. Difficult, but certainly not impossible, said leaders at the Truth and Love conference this week in … [Read more...]

Courage apostolate names new director

Fr. Philip G. Bochanski of Philadelphia archdiocese will lead ministry to same-sex attracted persons

The following comes from a September 29 Catholic News Agency article by Kevin J. Jones: Expansion and further welcoming outreach are the plans for the next head of Courage International, a Catholic apostolate for people with same-sex attraction. “I look forward to welcoming more courageous men and women in the name of the Church, to hear the stories of how God has been … [Read more...]

Courage director stepping down

Father Paul Check will take new position as rector of the seminary in his diocese

The following comes from a September 8 Catholic News Agency article: After 14 years of serving the Church’s apostolate for men and women with same-sex attraction, Fr. Paul Check will step down from his current position as Executive Director in order to take up his new position as rector of the seminary in his diocese. “I will leave my current role with a measure of both … [Read more...]

Hot topic at Theology on Tap event fills the room

"Who Am I to Judge: Catholics and Homosexuality" discussed at meeting in Oakland diocese

The following comes from a September 5 Catholic Voice article by Michele Jurich: Theology on Tap — or, in this case, served in frosty mugs of margaritas — drew an audience that filled a banquet room set for 60 at a Pittsburg restaurant on a hot July evening for a gathering entitled, "Who Am I to Judge: Catholics and Homosexuality." The program, geared to adults ranging in … [Read more...]

How many pro-gay Catholic ministries are in LA?

Many claim to be support groups in line with church teaching

The following comes from a blog post by Joseph Sciambra: The real-life experiences of a Catholic mother with a “gay” daughter: When my oldest daughter was a teenager she had her first same sex relationship. As a Catholic mother, finding out was very upsetting. Several years afterwards seeing an ad in the Assumption Blessed Virgin parish bulletin for a “Catholic ministry” … [Read more...]

How the ‘pirate nun’ changed a gay man’s life

The following comes from a March 29 Catholic News Agency article by Mary Rezac: Paul Darrow went to his first gay beach when he was 15. Soon after, he hitchhiked his way to New York, where there was a thriving gay scene and where he could pursue a career in modeling. Once there, he landed a high-end job as an international model and rubbed elbows with celebrities at clubs … [Read more...]