Why does the L.A. archdiocese not encourage celibacy for gays?

Gay ministry favored

A California Catholic Daily exclusive. The Los Angeles archdiocese website has no resources for those with homosexual inclinations who wish to live according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Instead, the LA archdiocese has a Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons,” which links to multiple dissident Catholic groups and organizations. On Sunday, June 26th, St. … [Read more...]

#teachacceptance group aligns with Anti-Catholic politician

“Concerned Parents and Students” want Assemblyman Phil Ting to legislate against Church

Over the past two weeks, the website of “Concerned Parents and Students Teach Acceptance,” the group leading opposition to the efforts of San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to re-introduce fidelity to the Catholic faith in the High Schools under his jurisdiction, has been promoting a July 23 meeting in San Francisco. The meeting, which will be held at the Milton … [Read more...]

Archbishop Cordileone’s teacher handbook aims for more pastoral tone

New language also gives a more comprehensive view of Church teaching

The following comes from a June 9 LifeSite News article by Lisa Bourne: San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone offered Bay-area Catholic teachers a different approach last week to affirming Catholic teaching through new language in faculty handbooks, gaining apparent support from a lot of his teaching staff. Inviting faculty to be part of the process, and also … [Read more...]

Liturgical leadership in a secular society: A bishop’s perspective

A longer piece - but worth the read

  The June 3 address given by Archbishop Cordileone at the Sacra Liturgia conference in New York has been removed. It is our hope is that the story will be back up once Sacra Liturgia publishes it.   … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: educators must be “authentic witnesses” of Catholic faith

Papal message buttresses Cordileone’s efforts

On May 4, 2015 the Holy Father Francis sent a letter to the President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, His Excellency Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko. The letter was an address to those meeting at the International Study Seminar on the topic: “Coaches: Educators of People” in Rome. The meeting was organized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity. While the Holy Father’s … [Read more...]

San Francisco protesters redefine Catholicism

Anti-Cordileone teachers’ position represents dissent, not doctrinal development

The following comes from a May 26 Crisis Magazine article by Nicholas Senz: The dispute between Catholic high school teachers and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone continues. Jim McGarry, an organizer of the group Concerned Parents and Students, has written an open letter addressed “to the administrators at the Catholic High Schools in the San Francisco Archdiocese” which was … [Read more...]

German Catholic Church relaxes morality clauses for employees

Wonder how San Francisco feels?

The following comes from a May 7 Crux Now article by Michael O'Loughlin: The Catholic Church in Germany has relaxed so-called morality rules for employees, meaning employees who divorce and civilly remarry or who enter into a gay relationship will no longer lose their jobs at Catholic institutions. The change came Tuesday, Reuters reports, with a little more than … [Read more...]

Pro-Cordileone picnic getting bigger and better

SF archbishop support event moves to bigger location - City advises larger venue

The following comes from an April 29 email from San Francisco Catholics: San Francisco’s May 16 Archbishop Family Support Picnic has been moved to a new location. The picnic, an opportunity for San Francisco Catholics to support their faithful Archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone, has been moved to San Francisco’s Sue Bierman Park, at the foot of Market Street. The picnic, which … [Read more...]

Solomonic Appointment by Archbishop Cordileone

Fr. Vito Perrone new Chaplain for Star of the Sea School

On April 28, the Archdiocese of San Francisco announced new clergy appointments. The announcement included the news that Fr. Vito Perrone, of the Contemplatives of St. Joseph, will serve as the new Chaplain of Star of the Sea School, starting May 1. The appointment addresses the controversy at the school which began when the pastor of Star of the Sea, Fr. Joseph Illo, … [Read more...]

Catholic professor says gay sex is loving and natural

Notre Dame teacher: Church doesn't understand God or reason

The following comes from a March 16 LifeSiteNews article:   As San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone faces a coordinated attack on his efforts to promote Catholic identity in his schools, a Notre Dame professor has penned an op-ed in the New York Times urging him to back off because the Church, he says, is “overdue” for revising its views on … [Read more...]