What do we know about Brittany Maynard’s death?

The following comes from a Nov. 3 story by Michael Cook on Mercatornet.com. Did Brittany Maynard die freely? This is the question that must be asked after the attractive 29-year-old woman with a brain tumour announced earlier in the week

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Sacramento Bee – stalking horse for suicide

The following comes from an Oct. 26 editorial in the Sacramento Bee. It has been 20 years since Oregon adopted the nation's first "death with dignity" law, allowing physicians to prescribe lethal medication to terminally ill patients. And it has

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Mercy killing – Calif.’s next battleground

The following came in an Oct. 1 email to Cal Catholic. Here is the current plan for California from the Compassion and Choices website: C&C California recently opened an office in Hollywood, is aggressively growing its lists of donors, volunteers

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