Democrats boot anti-communist State Senator from floor

California State Senator Janet Nguyen removed from Senate floor for voicing opposition to late Sen. Tom Hayden

California State Sen. Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove), was forcibly removed from the Senate Thursday morning for offering a different perspective on the late Sen. Tom Hayden, a Democrat with a well-known and lengthy history of communist sympathies. The perspective Sen. Nguyen offers is first hand. Her family escaped communist Vietnam and came to the United States in search of … [Read more...]

The new age of martyrdom

In the 21st century, Christians are the most persecuted religious body on the plane

The following comes from a July 21 Orange County Catholic article by Patrick Mott: The image remains indelible: 21 men in bright orange jumpsuits kneeling on a lonely Mediterranean beach before a line of black-clad and masked Islamic State militants. Seconds later, the militants would draw their long knives and ritually behead each of the men—all of them Egyptian Christians. … [Read more...]

Liberation theology, 30 years later

The Sandinista Revolution became the perfect opportunity to create a “popular church”

The following article was posted May 15 on Catholic News Agency. The author, Alejandro Bermúdez, serves as Executive Director of CNA and ACI Prensa. Mr. Bermúdez, a Peruvian journalist, received his training in Social Communications from the University of Lima. In addition to serving as head of CNA and ACI Prensa, he is also the Latin American correspondent for Our Sunday … [Read more...]

Former Soviet spy: we created Liberation Theology

Communist defector claims Church movement has red roots

The following comes from a May 1 Catholic News Agency article: Espionage deep in the heart of Europe. Secrets in the KGB. Defection from a communist nation. Ion Mihai Pacepa has seen his share of excitement, serving as general for Communist Romania’s secret police before defecting to the United States in the late 1970s. The highest-ranking defector from communism in the … [Read more...]

John Paul and Me

You are the sum of God’s love for you … [Read more...]