Pope Francis rejects German intercommunion proposal

Suggestion “raises a series of problems of considerable importance” and should not be published

One month after Vatican and German delegates met in Rome to discuss a proposal put forward by German bishops to allow Protestant spouses in inter-denominational marriages to receive the Eucharist in certain circumstances, Pope Francis has rejected it. In a letter dated May 25 and addressed to Cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and president of the German bishops … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: if you are in a state of mortal sin, you cannot receive Communion

Pope Francis: “Someone who has committed a serious sin must not approach Holy Communion without having obtained absolution in the sacrament of Reconciliation beforehand”

Any Catholic who has committed a mortal sin cannot receive Holy Communion unless they have been to confession, the Pope has said. Continuing a series of talks on the Mass during his General Audience on March 14, Pope Francis reminded Catholics of the need to obtain absolution for grave sins before receiving the Eucharist. In remarks after his catechesis on the Our Father, the … [Read more...]

“Why do we insist on receiving Communion standing and on the hand?”

Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, says widespread Communion in the hand is part of Satan’s attack on the Eucharist

The head of the Vatican department overseeing liturgy is summoning the Catholic faithful to return to receiving Holy Communion on the tongue and kneeling. In the preface to a new book on the subject, Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, writes: “The most insidious diabolical attack consists in trying to extinguish faith in the Eucharist, by … [Read more...]

Best mistake I have ever made

Simi Valley priest mistakenly went to wrong hospital room to give Communion on New Year's Eve, was able to hear confession, give last rites to woman who died two hours later

Shortly before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Fr. Gergorio Hidalgo went to a hospital to give Communion to a patient. But a “mistake” in room numbers allowed him to administer the sacraments to a dying woman as well. Fr. Goyo, 44, is the vicar of Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Simi Valley, which is part of metro Los Angeles. He was born in La Villa de Don Fadrique, a Spanish … [Read more...]

Why are we showing up to Mass as if we’ve just rolled out of bed?

Orange diocese offers guidance for all Catholics on proper reception of the Blessed Sacrament

If in fact we truly believe that we are receiving the body of Christ, is there any moment in our lives that could be more important? Why, then, are we showing up to Mass as if we’ve just rolled out of bed? Why are we approaching the person distributing Communion thinking of the big game that afternoon? Why are we (I’ve seen people do it) reaching to take the Eucharist from the … [Read more...]

The good witness of not receiving Communion

To receive or not to receive?

The following comes from a December 7 Catholic Stand article by David Roney: Last year, I found myself in a terrible position. It was a Sunday morning and I was preparing to take my kids to Mass. The problem was that I believed I needed to go to Confession prior to receiving the Eucharist. That was cause enough for anxiety, as no one wants their soul outside a state of … [Read more...]

The Blessed Sacrament explained

According to Orange County Catholic, Holy Communion also means we are in communion with other faithful who participate in the Eucharist

The following comes from an April 13 OC Catholic article by Larry Urish: For many of us, Holy Communion – the Holy Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper, the most central of the seven sacraments – is a deeply personal experience. Offered at every Mass, it marks the moment when we receive Jesus into our hearts and it involves intense, personal and private prayer. When we receive … [Read more...]

Synod finds strong support for Church teaching in communion debate

Despite pastoral challenges posed by divorced-and-civilly-remarried Catholics

The following comes from an October 21 Catholic News Agency article by Elise Harris: Despite pastoral challenges posed by divorced-and-civilly-remarried Catholics, many synod fathers are in favor of current Church teaching and practice according to a new round of small group reports. “The majority without full consensus affirmed the current teaching and practice of the … [Read more...]

Free booklet on communion for divorced and remarried

But act fast -- it's only available for the next 5 days

The following press release was emailed to us by one of our readers: Catholic Answers is making their booklet Divorce, Remarriage, Communion: A Guide to What Is Happening and How You Can Help available via download through Amazon for FREE for the next five days. “To help people understand the Church’s teachings on this issue and to cut through the confusion that the news … [Read more...]

“The proper posture is standing”

Oakland bishop provides detailed instructions on receiving Holy Communion in his diocese (The following undated “Instructions on Receiving Communion Properly” by Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone have been posed on the website of the diocesan Office of Worship.) All Catholics, before receiving Communion, are to be free from serious sin and fast from all food and drink … [Read more...]