Helping teens get to know the Lord

Archdiocese of Los Angeles sponsoring 'City of Saints Teen Conference' Aug. 4-6 at UCLA

Veteran youth minister David Calavitta says it’s good to know about Jesus Christ -- but it’s much better to actually know Him. Helping teenagers get to know the Lord is the primary purpose of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ City of Saints Teen Conference, Aug. 4-6, at UCLA, he adds. Calavitta will serve as master of ceremonies for the event, and brings to his role a passion … [Read more...]

Like a rock concert

City of Saints event held at UCLA

The following comes from an August 17 Angelus article by Clara Fox: Flashing lights, throbbing bass, wild cheers — the only thing differentiating the crowd gathered at UCLA campus from a typical rock concert were the distinctly Christian lyrics of the band WAL. “Tonight anything is possible. Tonight anyone can be transformed,” the lead singers, Matthew and Michael Paul … [Read more...]