San Diego’s Bishop Cirilo Flores dies at 66

See vacant first time since 1969

The following comes from a Sept. 7 posting on Whispers in the Loggia. In just the latest blow to a diocese which has already seen an outsize share of drama over recent years, Bishop Cirilo Flores of San Diego died Saturday at 66 after a sudden, stunning decline through the last several months. According to a statement from the chancery, Flores passed away peacefully … [Read more...]

Death penalty is not justice

San Diego bishop speaks from experience in Riverside County The following op-ed piece by coadjutor bishop Cirilo Flores appeared on April 25 in the San Diego Union-Tribune. This year, in the Easter season, San Diego reels from two recent murders – a young Iraqi mother of five and a 14-year-old boy visiting friends with his brother. Our community comes together in grief and … [Read more...]

Friday, March 23, Noon to 1 p.m.

Bishops, other religious leaders to participate in massive nationwide protests against Obama Administration’s contraception mandate Bishops from opposite ends of the state are scheduled to participate March 23 in “religious freedom” rallies, part of similar events planned nationwide to protest the Obama Administration’s contraception mandate. Oakland Bishop Salvatore … [Read more...]

San Diego coadjutor named

Bishop Cirilo Flores, an auxiliary in the Diocese of Orange, will eventually become Bishop of San Diego Pope Benedict XVI has named Cirilo Flores, an auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Orange, as coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of San Diego. The appointment means that Bishop Flores will automatically become Bishop of San Diego when the current bishop, Robert Brom, … [Read more...]