Catholic Church collects $1.6 billion in U.S. contracts, grants since 2012

Catholic Charities says they can't fulfill their mission without financial assistance from the government

The following comes from a September 24 Washington Times article by Kelly Riddell:   Not to be lost in the pomp and circumstance of Pope Francis' first visit to Washington is the reality that the Catholic Church he oversees has become one of the largest recipients of federal largesse in America. The Church and related Catholic charities and schools have collected … [Read more...]

Thomas More Society president warns of another test for religious liberty

Exemption of Catholic hospitals from federal pension law overturned, huge fines threatened

The following is a July 15 press release from the Thomas More Society, a national not-for-profit law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious liberty: Thomas More Society has filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, urging the Court to reverse a lower court ruling … [Read more...]

Same-sex married housing on Christian campuses?

Denial of married housing for gay couples is 'on the edge of the indefensible,' Barry Lynn asserts

The following comes from a July 7 Christian Post article by Samuel Smith:   WASHINGTON — Americans United for Separation of Church and State announced Monday the launch of an "aggressive" initiative to combat any state or federal legislation, or court ruling seeking to protect religious objectors of same-sex marriage from government consequence for living according … [Read more...]

It would have conveyed a terrible message

Senator Patricia Bates and Assemblyman Bill Brough commend decision to delay bill to remove Junipero Serra’s statue from capitol

The following comes from a July 2 press release from the website of Assemblyman William P. Brough: SACRAMENTO – Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) and Assemblyman Bill Brough (R-Dana Point), whose districts include Mission San Juan Capistrano that Father Junipero Serra founded, today issued the following statement after the State Assembly delayed consideration of … [Read more...]

Things are about to get worse for some faith-based groups

White House to order grant recipients to accept LGBT applicants

The following comes from a May 29 C-Fam article by Austin Ruse: A source within the federal government has informed the Friday Fax that the White House is quietly moving forward with a policy change that will require charitable humanitarian groups to accept LGBT applicants in order to qualify for government funding, even those religious groups that might have religious … [Read more...]

Monterey city council will see about that “church- state situation,” may send letter to pope

Opposing councilman: Who are are we to tell the pope who he should consider for his decision?

The following comes from a May 27 KSBW news story by Caitlin Conrad: At least one Monterey City Council member wants to send the pope a letter urging him not to declare Father Junipero Serra a saint. "I would like to propose that we send a letter to the pope and question his plan to make father Sierra (sic) a saint," councilwoman Libby Downey said. Downey brought up her … [Read more...]