Only half of US children are being raised by their married parents

Study: "Students with stably-married parents are more likely to do well in school and less likely to cut classes, repeat grades, be suspended or expelled, or drop out”

One in two: that is the current number of children in the U.S. who are being raised by both their married biological parents throughout their childhood. “This figure is based on the proportion of 17-and-18-year-old high school students who were reported to be living with both their married birth mothers and biological fathers in 2016,” noted a report issued by the Institute … [Read more...]

Long Beach library hosts Drag Queen Story Hour

Appearance of transvestite at Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library generates controversy

A photograph showing a horned drag queen reading a picture book to children at a Long Beach public library event is one of the latest images to generate controversy. The person shown in the image is Xochi Mochi, who posted the photo on her Instagram account on Saturday afternoon, the same day Long Beach Public Library’s online calendar shows an event called Drag Queen Story … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: it’s terrible children are taught they can choose gender

He told Polish bishops that there are powerful institutions funding the spread of gender theory in schools

Pope Francis has said that what he calls gender theory – “that everyone can choose their own sex” – is “the exact opposite” of God’s creation. In a meeting with Polish bishops during World Youth Day, whose transcript was released yesterday by the Vatican, the Pope said there were powerful institutions which funded the spread of “gender theory” in schools. The Pope also said … [Read more...]

San Francisco Bay Area camp caters to “gender fluid” and transgender children

At the Rainbow Day Camp, kids start each morning by choosing which pronoun they want to use for the day

A transgender day camp for kids ages four through twelve in California is boasting triple enrollment since its founding three years ago, reported the Associated Press. The pre-schoolers and elementary school kids who attend the “Rainbow Day Camp” start each morning by choosing which pronoun they want to use for the day, according to the AP. Campers can choose “he”, “she”, a … [Read more...]

Preschoolers learn basics of Gregorian chant

First of its kind pilot program for children ages 3-5 offered at Star of the Sea Preschool in San Francisco

When it comes to teaching children sacred music, sooner is better than later. That’s the theory behind a Gregorian chant pilot program for children ages 3-5 at Star of the Sea Preschool in San Francisco that concluded its first year on May 30. The program is the first of its kind for Catholic preschoolers in the archdiocese and perhaps well beyond it, according to preschool … [Read more...]

“Replacement-baby syndrome”

A disturbing number of young adults are directing their natural urge to parent toward dogs and cats

If you grew up with dogs (as I did), you know that something bizarre and sad often happens when a mother dog loses her puppies. With hormones and maternal instinct coursing through her, she will frequently adopt inanimate objects as “replacement-puppies.” Usually, she chooses something like a boot, hat, or stuffed toy. Mother cats do the same thing, typically with socks. … [Read more...]

Too young to cross a street but old enough for a sex change

Study finds that children younger than 14 do not possess the cognitive skills necessary to safely cross a street, but American Academy of Pediatrics claims they are capable of deciding that they are the wrong sex

More than 200 children under the age of 14 died in the United States in 2014 after being struck by a car. Another 8,000 suffered injuries, according to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis. A new research study conducted at the University of Iowa has determined children younger than 14 do not possess the cognitive skills and judgment to safely cross a street. The … [Read more...]

2016: the year of the Baby Bust?

U.S. fertility rates at all-time low

The following comes from an August 9 ABC News article by Dr. Jennifer Chevinsky: Fertility rates in America — the number of babies born per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44 — are at the lowest levels ever recorded, according to researchers in a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The findings are based on population data from the CDC that track … [Read more...]

EWTN priest responds to Father Danielson on same-sex ‘marriage’

Homily appeared in Oakland diocesan newspaper proclaiming gay marriages weren't sinful

The following comes from an October 15 Renew America article by Matt C. Abbott: On October 5, The Catholic Voice, a publication of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland, published the text of a homily by Father Dan Danielson, who all but endorses same-sex "marriage." Click here to read it. I asked Father John Trigilio Jr., author, EWTN personality, and president of the … [Read more...]