No fasting for San Jose Catholics who celebrate Chinese New Year

Chicago archdiocese: we don't care if it's Valentine's Day, you still have to fast

Dispensation from Abstinence for The First Day of the Lunar New Year, Feb 16, 2018 I am pleased to inform you that Bishop Patrick J. McGrath has granted a dispensation from the Lenten discipline of abstinence from meat to all the faithful of the Diocese of San Jose who will be observing Friday, February 16, the first day of the Asian New Year. I would ask that word of … [Read more...]

Will the pope appoint Bishop McElroy to the Congregation for the Faith?

No surprises out of reach after Cupich appointment

The following comes from a July 7 story in LifeSiteNews. The headline refers to the July 5 story in Cal Catholic about San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy’s  proposing changes to the Catechism of the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality. Pope Francis has named Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich to serve as a member of the Congregation for Bishops, the Vatican office that … [Read more...]

Are the nuns legitimate?

What the SF Gate didn’t report

The following comes from a February 9 ABC7 News article: Nearly one year after the I-Team reported on a group of Chicago nuns whose West Side heating system broke down, the nuns' organization is now in similar dire straits in San Francisco, where the Sisters of Fraternite of Notre Dame is facing eviction. In San Francisco's famous Tenderloin district, a group of Chicago … [Read more...]

Priest for a day

Esquire fashion writer in disguise

The following comes from an Aug. 24 story in the fashion section of Esquire magazine by Tom Chiarella. I was a priest, standing at the bar of the Billy Goat Tavern beneath the great concrete decks that brace up downtown Chicago. Strike that. I was not a priest. I shouldn't say that. I was me, me wearing the uniform of a priest. It was 10:30 on a Friday morning, the bar a … [Read more...]

Religious leaders pledge to uphold truth about marriage

Supreme Court decision could impact religious freedom

The following comes from a May 1 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops blog post written by Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago Joseph N. Perry: Leaders of diverse religious communities released an open letter on April 23 to reaffirm their common belief in marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and their common commitment to religious freedom in this country. These … [Read more...]

Young adult Masses treat me like a child

Standing room only in Latin Mass basement

The following comes from a June 19 story on Millennials are leaving religion in droves, recent surveys find. Churches are roiled and it appears some will do anything to stop the exodus. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Archdiocese of New York recently hosted millennial Mass-goers for pizzas and drinks at a Midtown dance club. "We're definitely people … [Read more...]