On the lowly, yet vital, importance of chastity

The reader likely needs no introduction to the recent uproar in Catholic media regarding the rescinding of various speaking engagements previously granted to Fr. James Martin, SJ. Those particular waters are so contentious that I think little good is done

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Fraternal invitation to Bishop McElroy and Father Martin

San Diego bishop McElroy recently wrote in defense of Jesuit Fr. James Martin’s work after it became known that Martin was disinvited from several Catholic speaking engagements, in large part due to backlash from multiple Catholic sources expressing concern over Martin’s

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Phoenix diocese welcomes orthodox gathering on human sexuality

The following comes from a post on the Truth and Love website: Truth and Love Conference 2017:  January 9–11, 2017 at 
Saint Paul Catholic Church in Phoenix, Arizona A conference offering sound, practical, and pastoral guidance on the topics of homosexuality

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No more abstinence-only education?

The following comes from a February 19 Christian Post article by Leonardo Blair: President Barack Obama has proposed the elimination of funding for abstinence-only education programs run by the Department of Health and Human Services and increasing funding for other programs.

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