California bishop praises President Trump’s travel ban

Bishop Bawai Soro of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Church in El Cajon writes column defending administration's travel ban, says "radical Islamic terrorism is the clear and present danger facing America"

The following is by Bishop Bawai Soro. Soro is a bishop with St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Church in El Cajon. Critics have objected to President Trump’s executive order to temporarily ban travel to the U.S. by refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries, alleging 1) their human rights are compromised, and 2) this ban is a Muslim ban. As an Iraqi-American, I would like to … [Read more...]

Chaldean Catholic communities flourish in the American southwest

California has grown into a major hub for Christians fleeing Iraq

The following comes from a CNEWA article by Joyce Coronel: Zinah Marzana’s blue-green eyes fill with tears as she recalls the moment her life changed forever. It was December, and she was holding her infant son as her husband, Zergo, drove along the road outside Tel Kaif in northern Iraq’s Nineveh Plain. Her brother sat in the front seat beside her husband. Somehow, they’d … [Read more...]

Your apathy is hurting ISIS victims

A challenge to American Christians

The following comes from a December 8 Catholic News Agency article by Matt Hadro: Christians in the U.S. must stop their apathy to the bloody persecution of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria, said a religious freedom advocate who proposed an “examination of conscience” for faith communities. “I am struck by the widespread apathy and indifference and ignorance … [Read more...]

Chaldeans travel underground railroad to El Cajon

Iraqi Christians hope for a better life in San Diego

The following comes from an August 22 San Diego Union-Tribune article by Peter Rowe and Tatiana Sanchez: Last summer, as ISIS fighters swept toward his home in northern Iraq, slaughtering “infidels” and demolishing their communities, Fadi Hirmiz grew frantic. “ISIS was getting closer and closer to our village,” Hirmiz said through an interpreter. “I was afraid for my … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians are ‘privileged to give their blood,’ Chaldean bishop says

Humanitarian who urges saving Iraqis from ISIS says Obama has ignored him

The following comes from a June 18 Christian Post article by Samuel Smith: In a passionate speech presenting the historic sacrifice made by Iraqi Christians on Wednesday, Chaldean Catholic Bishop Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo said that although Iraqi Christians have been slaughtered in masses by ISIS, Iraqi Christians have been proudly losing their lives in the name of Jesus since … [Read more...]