More than 20 Catholic pages blocked from Facebook

Most from Brazil

The following comes from a July 18 story on the Catholic News Agency website. In the last 24 hours more than twenty Catholic pages, some with millions of followers, have been blocked by Facebook for unknown reasons. Of the known affected pages, 21 are based in Brazil, and four are English-language pages, with administrators in the U.S. and Africa. Most of the blocked … [Read more...]

Surprise! Facebook blacklists trending topics and conservative news outlets

Social media outlet protected Planned Parenthood during baby parts scandal

The following comes from a May 3 Federalist article: If you’ve ever used Facebook, you’ve noticed the list of trending topics on the vertical navbar along the right side of the page. You may have even clicked one or two of them to see what’s happening or why the topic is trending. What you probably didn’t know is that Facebook apparently blacklists certain topics from … [Read more...]

Chinese don’t cover up abortion-cancer data

Unlike their American counter-parts

The following comes from a story sent to Cal Catholic on June 27. The author is a northern California physician. Reproductive Research Audit covers studies that address the most controversial topics in reproductive health research, including the long-disputed (but recently affirmed) link between induced abortion and preterm birth, the contested link between induced abortion … [Read more...]


The following comes from a Dec. 6 email sent by the Pacific Justice Institute. San Jose, CA—Attorneys for a longtime Santa Clara County employee are demanding answers after she was told that a brief comment about the problems plaguing the ObamaCare rollout were not welcome in the workplace. Norina Mooney has worked for Santa Clara County for more than twenty years. Her … [Read more...]