The new push to end priestly celibacy

Those who want to overturn the ancient discipline are energetic, well organized and influential

The following comes from a February 25 Catholic Herald article by Jon Anderson: The Catholic Church is once again embroiled in arguments about whether priestly celibacy has a place in today’s world. As Catholicism in most Western countries faces a rapidly aging priesthood, a severe shortage of vocations and declining congregations, abolishing or at least relaxing the ancient … [Read more...]

Bishop Quinn: it’s not psychologically healthy for a priest to be celibate

Former Sacramento bishop would like the church to consider ordaining women as priests, communion for divorced and remarried

The following comes from a January 16 Sacramento Bee article by Marcos Breton: It’s been more than 20 years since 94-year old Francis Quinn was bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. Quinn might have been a journalist. He might have married one of the eighth-grade girls he remembers from his youth in Napa. He might have fathered children. Instead, in a … [Read more...]

“How the pope might renew the church”

Former bishop calls for Vatican III

The following comes from a September 18 op-ed New York Times essay by Francis A. Quinn. Francis A. Quinn is the retired bishop of Sacramento and the author of “Behind Closed Doors: Conflicts in Today’s Church.”: Sacramento — I am a Catholic, born in 1921 of Italian and Irish families and raised in California seminaries. After decades of work as a priest, I was astonished … [Read more...]

You don’t have to be celibate

San Francisco's largest Evangelical megachurch allows active Homosexuals to become members

The following comes from a March 15 Christian Post article by Anugrah Kumar: The Elder Board of San Francisco's largest evangelical church, City Church, has announced that the megachurch will end its practice of preventing LGBT people from becoming members if they are unwilling or unable to practice lifelong celibacy. "Our pastoral practice of demanding life-long … [Read more...]

Warm and fuzzy Catholicism

Notre Dame’s McBrien dies Sunday

The following comes from a Jan. 25 item in the liberal National Catholic Reporter. Fr. Richard McBrien, who as a scholar brought distinction to a university theology department and who as an author and often-interviewed popular expert explained the Catholic church to the wider world, died early Sunday morning. He was 78. McBrien had been seriously ill for several years and … [Read more...]

Sure, celibacy is “disciplinary”, but then, so is …

The following comes from an Apr. 10 posting by Ed Peters on his CanonLawBlog. In the wake of the latest off-hand, private, ambiguous, papal comment to be trumpeted around the world as a harbinger of impending change, I note that, for the proverbial umpteenth time, solemn heads are nodding in agreement that clerical celibacy is “merely disciplinary.” Good grief, everyone … [Read more...]

The Church didn’t invent celibacy

  The following comes from a Nov. 1 posting on Real Clear Religion by Philip Jenkins, history professor from Baylor University. Francis Spufford is an English writer who writes Christian apologetics -- although from a far more liberal perspective than many Americans would find to their taste. He was recently interviewed in the New York Times. One remark he made in … [Read more...]