Cardinal: priests have no credibility to prepare couples for marriage

Cardinal Kevin Farrell is prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life

The Vatican official leading the Church’s office for laity, family, and life has said that priests do not have the credibility or experience to prepare couples for marriage. The official made similar remarks to Catholic leaders in September 2017. During an interview with the Irish Catholic magazine Intercom, Cardinal Kevin Farrell, prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Laity, … [Read more...]

“The good news is the AMA did not change their position”

At June 11 meeting, American Medical Association’s House of Delegates rejects report recommending that the association continue its opposition to physician-assisted suicide

The American Medical Association voted this week to return to committee a report recommending continued opposition to physician assisted suicide - a move that commentators have called a missed opportunity to stand up for the value of human life. “For more than two decades the nation’s most prominent and largest association of physicians vocally opposed physician-assisted … [Read more...]

Pope Francis rejects German intercommunion proposal

Suggestion “raises a series of problems of considerable importance” and should not be published

One month after Vatican and German delegates met in Rome to discuss a proposal put forward by German bishops to allow Protestant spouses in inter-denominational marriages to receive the Eucharist in certain circumstances, Pope Francis has rejected it. In a letter dated May 25 and addressed to Cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and president of the German bishops … [Read more...]

Forty arrested at Catholic-led DACA protest

About 100 people -- including Franciscan friars, religious sisters, and laity -- gathered in rotunda of Russell Senate Building in Washington on Tuesday, and were led away in flex cuffs in a planned act of civil disobedience

A group of about 100 people--including Franciscan friars, religious sisters, and laity--gathered in the rotunda of the Russell Senate Building in Washington on Tuesday, and were led away in flex cuffs in a planned act of civil disobedience. The protest was intended to pressure Congress to take action on “Dreamers,” or people who were brought to the United States illegally as … [Read more...]

Senate fails to block filibuster on bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

U.S. remains one of just seven countries in the world where elective abortions after 5 months of pregnancy are legal

A procedural vote on a Senate bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks failed on the evening of Jan. 29, after more than three hours of debate. The cloture motion, which would have prevented a filibuster on the bill, required 60 votes to pass, and failed by a vote of 51-46. The bill could continue to be considered in the Senate, even with the prospect of a filibuster, though this … [Read more...]

New bishop chosen for Chaldean eparchy of San Diego

Pope Francis has named Bishop Emanuel Hana Shaleta as head the eparchy of Saint Peter Apostle of San Diego of the Chaldeans

The Vatican announced Wednesday that Pope Francis has named Bishop Emanuel Hana Shaleta as head of the eparchy of Saint Peter Apostle of San Diego of the Chaldeans, pulling him from his prior post in Canada. Bishop Shaleta has until now served as Bishop of the Mar Addai Eparchy of Toronto. Announced in an Aug. 9 communique from the Vatican, his appointment to San Diego came … [Read more...]

Melinda Gates optimistic that Church will change teaching on contraception

But experts say Pope Francis can't change longstanding doctrine even if he wanted to

Pope Francis cannot change Church teaching on contraception, despite the hopes of Melinda Gates. In a recent BBC interview, Gates has said she is “optimistic” that the Catholic Church will change church teaching on contraception in order to help women in developing countries. “We work very extensively with the Catholic Church and I’ve had many discussions with them because we … [Read more...]

Why Latin endures in the Church

Through Latin we are able to remain in touch with the vast heritage of the Church throughout the ages

Existing in some form since several hundred years before Christ, the Latin language seems like an unlikely subject to still be generating brand new research, especially among young scholars. Nevertheless, the theme this year of the Vatican’s humanities-themed contest, the Prize of the Pontifical Academies, is all about Latin. And the final winner – awarded 20,000 euros (more … [Read more...]

It’s the law: states can stop funding Planned Parenthood

President Donald Trump signs bill repealing what has been called President Obama’s “parting gift to the abortion industry,” which had made it impossible for states to withhold funding of abortion giant

Pro-life leaders applauded President Donald Trump for signing a repeal of what they called President Obama’s “parting gift to the abortion industry.” “Today we thank President Donald Trump for restoring states' freedom to direct taxpayer dollars away from abortion providers in favor of supporting community health centers that deliver comprehensive women’s care, and already … [Read more...]

President Trump reinstates Mexico City Policy

Executive order states that foreign NGOs may not receive federal funding if they perform or promote abortions

On Monday, President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, an international pro-life regulation that is generally seen as an indicator of an incoming president’s views on abortion. The executive order was signed January 23, one day after the anniversary of the far-reaching Roe v. Wade decision that mandated legal abortion throughout the U.S. Originally instituted by … [Read more...]