Catholic families are looking more and more Protestant

New survey reveals American Catholic parents are strong on prayer, weak on sacraments

The following comes from a July 10 Religion News Service article by Cathy Lynn Grossman: Most of today’s American Catholic parents don’t go to Mass, provide any Catholic education for their children or stress the basic sacraments beyond baptism. And yet a new study of these families finds good news: “They still have a relationship with God and pray for their family,” said … [Read more...]

Not an LA kind of guy

For Catholic NFL quarterback, faith and family come before football

  The following comes from an April 22 Breitbart article by Daniel Leberfeld: San Diego Chargers franchise quarterback Philip Rivers enters the final year of his contract. The Chargers want to extend the deal. Rivers does not. It’s not a money issue. It’s more of a Los Angeles issue. The Chargers are considering a move to Carson, a Los Angeles suburb, … [Read more...]

Miscontraceptions, the film

Documentary brings NFP to the millenials

The following comes from a March 24 Conjugality blog post: Having produced several videos about natural family planning (NFP) and fertility awareness methods (FAM), I know how challenging it can be to come up with original angles, fresh dialogues, authentic couple conversations and disagreements, and narratives that can captivate the target audience. That’s exactly what … [Read more...]