Catholic Charities works to meet needs of Inland Empire’s poor

For almost 40 years, an Inland organization has worked to offer help and hope to a staggering number of families struggling with poverty. Catholic Charities of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties offers crisis intervention and family strengthening programs to those

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Guatemalans make it to Coachella Valley

The following comes from a Dec. 20 story in the Inland Catholic Byte, a publication of the San Bernardino diocese. Beginning in late October, the Diocese began receiving mostly Guatemalan migrants at locations in the lower Coachella Valley, transported by

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Judge throws out lawsuit against bishops over immigrant shelters

A federal judge has dismissed the ACLU’s attempt to block the government from delegating the care of immigrant unaccompanied minors and sex-trafficking victims to a Catholic group that opposes birth control and abortion, and transfers those wishing to have an abortion to other shelters. The

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How Catholic Charities is tackling California’s housing crisis

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara has partnered with the local county to launch a shared housing program, connecting renters with housing providers amid California’s high housing costs. “We are incredibly excited to be partnering alongside the County of Santa Clara’s

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ACLU tries to drag Catholic Charities into illegal immigrant abortions

If the American Civil Liberties Union has its way, Catholic Charities and other faith-based organizations providing care for illegal alien minors will be forced to proclaim to the girls in their care during the shelter’s orientation that they have a

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San Diego Catholic Charities relocates to diocese’s pastoral center

Offering possibilities for increased collaboration with the diocese, the administrative staff of Catholic Charities has found a new home at the diocesan Pastoral Center. Seventeen Catholic Charities staff members, including Executive Director Robert Moser, moved into the building on July

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San Jose Catholic church publicizes employee’s gay marriage on parish website

A parish in the San Jose diocese in California is openly employing a gay married man, who is an active member of the parish council. Saint Clare parish in Santa Clara has posted on its parish website brief biographies of

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Catholic Charities of California gets additional funds to assist undocumented youth

Catholic Charities of California (CCC) has been awarded $200,000 in additional funds to conduct Medi-Cal Outreach & Enrollment Assistance to undocumented youth and members of mixed-immigration-status households. The program is funded by a grant from The California Wellness Foundation (Cal

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Trump’s order on refugee visas has dramatic effect in San Diego

The empty screen told the story. The day before, the screen had displayed a three-month calendar of refugees who had been cleared for resettlement in this country. Staff members at Catholic Charities used that information to arrange basic services such

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‘Poverty Simulation’

The following comes from an October 6 Inland Catholic Byte article: SAN BERNARDINO — Catholic Charities San Bernardino-Riverside is hosting a Poverty Simulation at the Diocesan Pastoral Center on Friday, November 18. The Poverty Simulation is designed to help people better

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