Catholic cemetery’s demise greatly exaggerated

There's still plenty of room at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma despite reports to the contrary

At Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, reports of the cemetery running out of space are being overstated. [See "Colma cemeteries in demand as shortage of land lies ahead" and "Colma is Running Out of Cemetery Space"]. “Yes, despite the predicament that other cemeteries are facing, Holy Cross is blessed to have over 100 acres of land that are yet to be developed,” Monica Williams, … [Read more...]

Even priests are planning to skip classic casket burials

More Catholics opting for cremation after Vatican relaxes burial rules

In 2018, choosing cremation over full-body burial is so popular even Catholic priests are planning to skip out on classic casket burials. “I haven’t signed up for it yet, but yes, that’s what I will do,” said Father Allan Deck, a priest and professor of theology at Loyola Marymount in California. “I think it’s a bit more practical,” he continued, laughing. “It’s easier to … [Read more...]

LA archdiocese sued over cemetery care

Lawsuit alleges grounds of San Fernando Mission Cemetery in poor state, grave markers either missing, damaged or covered in overgrown weeds

Two Orange County residents are suing the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, alleging that a Mission Hills cemetery has misused maintenance funds and left their family's gravesites in ruins. Jodi Howard and William Howard, whose relatives are buried at San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, filed the class-action suit March 21 after they had difficulty finding … [Read more...]