Bronze sculptures, mosaics, a spectacular tapestry and much more

The Old Testament begins with the creation of the world. The New Testament begins with the coming of Jesus, the first seeds of Christianity. Faith is rooted in creation. As such, humankind has honored the Creator, while at the same

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In San Francisco archdiocese, new website promotes Catholic arts Expanding a recent San Francisco archdiocesan initiative to encourage reverent music and enrich liturgical life, a new website celebrates Catholic culture as a means to share and spread the faith.  The online venture of the Benedict XVI Institute for

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“Our Lady of Stono” depicts individuals who played prominent role in black Catholic history

It’s surprising how the term “conventional wisdom” eventually turns out to be an oxymoron. For example, it’s conventional wisdom that blacks from Africa who had been enslaved and shipped to America became Catholics only after arriving.   Wrong. Many had been

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Famous post-abortion sculpture replica comes to Fresno

California Catholic Daily exclusive by Dan Zeidler. The image of the sculpture, "Memorial for Unborn Children" by Martin Hudáček, has touched people's hearts throughout the world. Photos of the sculpture have been shared on social media countless times and featured in numerous

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“Amazing Grace in the Communion of Saints”

“Like Mother Teresa says she’s the pencil, I’m the paintbrush,” chuckles artist Molly Collins when asked about her Divine Mercy icon.  The painting, blessed in April, now hangs in Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Arrowhead. Its

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