Its gold frame alone will take months to finish

Christ Cathedral’s new mosaic

  The following comes from a Jan. 8 story by Orange County Catholic. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Diocese of Orange’s patroness, so it’s no surprise that she will be honored when Christ Cathedral is dedicated July 17, 2019. A brilliant mosaic will be located on the Cathedral’s south interior wall. “Viewed from behind the altar, it will be located on the far back … [Read more...]

Bronze sculptures, mosaics, a spectacular tapestry and much more

Stunning artwork will adorn Christ Cathedral when it is dedicated next year

The Old Testament begins with the creation of the world. The New Testament begins with the coming of Jesus, the first seeds of Christianity. Faith is rooted in creation. As such, humankind has honored the Creator, while at the same time acting as His creative conduit through all manner of expression. This includes visual art. Some stunning new examples of contemporary sacred … [Read more...]

Shocking results

Study finds that visiting and seeing the design of traditional churches and cathedrals among leading reasons young people convert to Christianity

According to a recently released study, visiting beautiful churches and cathedrals are one of the top reasons that influences the youth across the globe in deciding to convert to Christianity. “The way of beauty, is a privileged and fascinating way to approach the Mystery of God. What is beauty, if not the reflection of the splendor of the Eternal Word made flesh?” – Pope … [Read more...]

In San Francisco archdiocese, new website promotes Catholic arts

Online venture of the Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship based at St. Patrick’s Seminary & University in Menlo Park seeks more beautiful liturgies and to energize a Catholic culture of the arts Expanding a recent San Francisco archdiocesan initiative to encourage reverent music and enrich liturgical life, a new website celebrates Catholic culture as a means to share and spread the faith.  The online venture of the Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship, founded in 2014 and based at … [Read more...]

“Our Lady of Stono” depicts individuals who played prominent role in black Catholic history

Idea for 30-foot-wide mural depicting the Black Madonna and Child came from Fr. Claude Williams, parochial vicar of St. John the Baptist Church in Costa Mesa, and a member of the Norbertine Order at St. Michael’s Abbey

It’s surprising how the term “conventional wisdom” eventually turns out to be an oxymoron. For example, it’s conventional wisdom that blacks from Africa who had been enslaved and shipped to America became Catholics only after arriving.   Wrong. Many had been Catholics in Africa long before they were shackled in chains.  It’s one of the many fascinating elements rooted in … [Read more...]

Famous post-abortion sculpture replica comes to Fresno

The powerful art work of young Slovak sculptor Martin Hudáček illustrates post-abortion pain, mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation

California Catholic Daily exclusive by Dan Zeidler. The image of the sculpture, "Memorial for Unborn Children" by Martin Hudáček, has touched people's hearts throughout the world. Photos of the sculpture have been shared on social media countless times and featured in numerous print publications, but few people have actually seen the original sculpture or any of the few … [Read more...]

“The Word Made Flesh”

Parishioner at Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park commissioned by Cathedral of the Holy Name in Steubenville, Ohio, to provide portrait of Jesus

Church of the Nativity, Menlo Park, parishioner Lisa Andrews had done a number of devotional paintings in her career as a fine artist, but never a portrait of Jesus before she was commissioned by the Cathedral of the Holy Name in Steubenville, Ohio, to do just that. “I was quite concerned that I do him justice,” said Andrews of the 24-by-20-inch work named “The Word Made … [Read more...]

“Amazing Grace in the Communion of Saints”

Lake Arrowhead artist paints Divine Mercy icon for parish

“Like Mother Teresa says she’s the pencil, I’m the paintbrush,” chuckles artist Molly Collins when asked about her Divine Mercy icon.  The painting, blessed in April, now hangs in Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Arrowhead. Its inspiration came last summer when Collins and other parishioners went to Poland for World Youth Day. The painting, titled “Amazing Grace … [Read more...]

Spaceship churches, no more!

Traditionally designed Catholic architecture is being built across America

People of today and tomorrow need this enthusiasm [of wonder] if they are to meet and master the crucial challenges which stand before us. Thanks to this enthusiasm, humanity, every time it loses its way, will be able to lift itself up and set out again on the right path. In this sense it has been said with profound insight that “beauty will save the world” (§16). ~Pope … [Read more...]

Sacred Virgin of Guadalupe objects travel to Santa Ana

Bowers Museum offers exhibit featuring paintings, carvings, silver and devotional objects, some rarely seen by the public

The following comes from an October 13 Orange County Register article by Antonie Boessenkool: For the second time, the Bowers Museum is highlighting patron saint of Orange County and the Americas, the Virgin of Guadalupe, with an exhibit of paintings, carvings, silver and devotional objects. But compared with the first exhibit, in 1995, this one is far broader, with … [Read more...]