Ex-FBI agents to help investigate cardinals on abuse and corruption

Lay-led initiative has signed up former FBI agents to help produce “The Red Hat Report,” which will cover all cardinals able to vote in the next papal conclave

US lay people are launching a new initiative to assess cardinals’ records on combatting abuse and corruption. Better Church Governance has signed up former FBI agents as investigators, led by Phil Scala, a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. Academics, lawyers and editors will help to draw up a dossier, “The Red Hat Report”, which will cover all cardinals able to vote in … [Read more...]

Pope Francis names 14 new cardinals

Consistory scheduled for June 29

Pope Francis on Sunday announced that he will create fourteen new cardinals in a Consistory scheduled to take place on June 29th. In the surprise announcement following his Regina Caeli address, the Pope noted that the places from which the new cardinals come “expresses the universality of the Church, which continues to announce the merciful love of God to all men and women on … [Read more...]

Learning to take your leave

Pope Francis issues motu proprio modifying norms for the resignation of bishops, curial officials

On Thursday Pope Francis tweaked the Church’s policies on bishops and Curial officials reaching the age of retirement, indicating that they should accept what God wants, whether accepting retirement or accepting continued service. The changes were made through a motu proprio entitled Imparare a congedarsi, meaning “Learning to take your leave,” published Feb. 15. Previous … [Read more...]

Second of four ‘dubia cardinals’ has died

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, Archbishop Emeritus of Bologna, dead at 79; Vatican provides no details

On Tuesday the Vatican announced that Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, Archbishop Emeritus of Bologna, has died at the age of 79.  He was known for pastoral and academic work in support of marriage and families, especially through the founding of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family. No details regarding the late prelate's death were included in the Sept. 6 … [Read more...]

Pope Francis names five new cardinals

New appointments demonstrate pope’s attention to 'the peripheries'

During his Regina Coeli address Sunday, Pope Francis announced to pilgrims that he will be holding a June 28 consistory to create 5 new cardinals he said represent the “catholicity” of the Church. “Brothers and sisters, I wish to announce to you that Wednesday, June 28, I will hold a consistory for the nomination of 5 new cardinals,” the Pope said May 21, adding that “their … [Read more...]

Wanting to love the pope

Faithful Catholics who have made real sacrifices to live the hard teachings of the Church feel themselves lumped in with the hard-hearted elder brother in the prodigal son parable

The following comes from a November 25 First Things article by Padraig Wynne: Back in the 1980s, the National Catholic Reporter ran a cartoon image of the throne of Peter: a toilet with the papal keys under a ceremonial awning. For the Reporter, it was standard fare. The publication’s chronic snarkiness toward Rome during the long Wojtyla/Ratzinger decades — and even earlier … [Read more...]

What do we know about the new cardinals?

Women priests, politics and Communion

The following is an October 10 Catholic Herald article: Pope Francis has appointed 17 new cardinals, 13 of whom are young enough to vote in the next papal conclave. Such selections often say a lot about the Pope’s priorities. So what is known so far about the 13 cardinals? Bishop Kevin Farrell has been one of the Pope’s most outspoken American supporters. He once tweeted, … [Read more...]

With Pope’s cardinal picks, Bernardin’s ‘seamless garment’ is back

Pope's choice of three new American cardinals telegraphs direction in which he wishes U.S. Church to go

The following comes from an October 9 Crux article by John L. Allen Jr.: By naming Blase Cupich of Chicago, Joseph Tobin of Indianapolis and Kevin Farrell, formerly of Dallas, as cardinals, Pope Francis has moved the senior leadership of the American Catholic Church to a centrist, non-cultural warrior stance reminiscent of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin's "seamless … [Read more...]

German Catholic Church relaxes morality clauses for employees

Wonder how San Francisco feels?

The following comes from a May 7 Crux Now article by Michael O'Loughlin: The Catholic Church in Germany has relaxed so-called morality rules for employees, meaning employees who divorce and civilly remarry or who enter into a gay relationship will no longer lose their jobs at Catholic institutions. The change came Tuesday, Reuters reports, with a little more than … [Read more...]

Consistory called for February

The following comes from an Oct. 31 posting on Whispers in the Loggia. As another precedent-shattering move comes to pass in the new Franciscan Rule, suffice it to say, "Eminences, start your engines.... Even if the timing of consistories for the creation of new cardinals has long been one of the Vatican's worst-kept secrets – last time excepted – never has definitive … [Read more...]