Father Fessio’s EWTN interview on ‘From the Depths of Our Hearts’
Addresses issue of whether book is anti-Pope Francis

Father Fessio on EWTN: "There's a lot of pressure on Pope Francis." Father Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press, who is the publisher of the English-language version of From the Depths of Our Hearts by Cardinal Robert Sarah and

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What Benedict writes
Excerpt from the book about priestly celibacy

Happily, From the Depths of Our Hearts, by Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah, serves our obligation to honesty and clarity exceptionally well in any discussions of a married priesthood. Benedict writes: "In the common awareness of Israel, priests were

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Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah answer Amazon doubts on celibacy
Ignatius Press: book due to ship Feb. 20

From book cover. $16.96 if ordered online, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, have co-authored a book on the crisis in the Church and on priestly ministry. From the

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Cardinal Sarah pulls no punches in latest book
Collapse of the West is focus of 'The Day is Now Far Spent,' which he describes as his most important book

Cardinal Robert Sarah's new book, The Day is Now Far Spent, comes at a time when the Catholic Church is still reeling from scandal, when the faithful are crying out for answers and when societies around the world are

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Cardinal Sarah: high-ranking prelates are trying to change Christian morality

Senior churchmen are undermining Church teaching on life, marriage and the family, Cardinal Robert Sarah has said. In a speech in Belgium, the cardinal accused high-ranking prelates from “opulent nations” of trying to modify Christian morality, and attacked pressure groups

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“Why do we insist on receiving Communion standing and on the hand?”

The head of the Vatican department overseeing liturgy is summoning the Catholic faithful to return to receiving Holy Communion on the tongue and kneeling. In the preface to a new book on the subject, Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the

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Pope Francis publicly corrects Cardinal Sarah

In an extraordinary rebuke to one of his own Curial cardinals, the Pope has aimed to "explain simply, and hopefully clearly... some errors" in his Worship chief's understanding of Magnum Principium, his recent motu proprio on liturgical translations, indicating the new norms granting enhanced

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Cardinal Sarah: Liturgical devastation reflects serious crisis of faith

In an address to a German conference marking the 10th anniversary of the Summorum Pontificum, Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, offered an extraordinarily blunt appraisal of “the disaster, the devastation, and the schism that

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