Berkeley’s Kaya Oakes vs. Cardinal Burke

The difficulty of male-female relations

The following comes from a Jan. 8 story by Carl Olson on Catholic World Report. Kaya Oakes, a revert to Catholicism after spending time as a self-described pro-choice liberal, has penned a little screed—a veritable bundle of befuddlement!—aimed at the recent New Emangelization interview with Cardinal Raymond Burke (which I posted about on Monday). I've not read Oakes' book … [Read more...]

Francis, faith, and false assurances

The following comes from a Feb. 25 posting by Carl Olson on Catholic World Report. Who, exactly, is reassuring whom? And about what? Those were my thoughts upon reading David Gibson's spin-laden, cliché-soaked piece, “U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke: Pope Francis opposes abortion and gay marriage” (Feb 21, 2014), for Religion News Service. Gibson's report was on an essay by … [Read more...]

Cardinal Burke: Nancy Pelosi ‘must’ be denied Communion

The following comes from a Sept. 20 story on In a wide-ranging interview, Cardinal Raymond Burke has issued an emphatic call for pro-abortion Catholic politicians like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to be denied Communion. The cardinal also spoke about the rapid advance of the homosexual agenda, the decline in catechesis that, he says, has crippled … [Read more...]