It’s a culture war, stupid

And a Church that takes social justice seriously must fight it

Those who persist in denying that the Church is engaged in a culture war, the combatants in which are aptly called the “culture of life” and the “culture of death,” might ponder this June blog post by my summer pastor in rural Québec, Father Tim Moyle: “Tonight I am preparing to celebrate a funeral for someone (let’s call him “H” to protect his privacy) who, while suffering … [Read more...]

Priest: Acceptance of sexual identities in Catholic schools will inevitably hurt students

The following comes from a November 13 Cardinal Newman Society article by Adam Cassandra: As Catholic school districts in Canada struggle to develop and implement “transgender policies,” one priest in the Diocese of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada, told The Cardinal Newman Society that any school policies or programs leading students to embrace gender “identities” will … [Read more...]

Nut? Saint? Regular girl?

I no longer felt like a journalist chasing a story

The following is a March 26 story on Catholic World Report by Dorothy Cummings MacLean. Canadian Catholic pro-life activist Mary Wagner was arrested on December 23, 2014 for entering a Toronto abortion clinic and asking the women she found in the waiting room not to go through with their scheduled procedures. Her arrest and subsequent imprisonment made headlines—in … [Read more...]

Why I have spent ten of the last twenty years behind bars

My presence is a plea for each child in jeopardy of being killed

The following comes from a Sept. 30 story on Editor’s note: Linda Gibbons has been in prison since an August 7 arrest in Toronto while she witnessed to life outside an abortion facility protected by an injunction. Her case goes to trial November 12. My intention is not an apology for the reason, cause or purpose I engage in civil disobedience against … [Read more...]

U.S., Canada among the world’s top 4% most permissive nations on abortion

The following comes from a Feb. 25 story on The United States and Canada's “ultra-permissive abortion policies” make them extreme outliers on the world stage when it comes to abortion, according to a new report from the Charlotte Lozier Institute. Only five other nations, including China and North Korea, are in the same league. “The United States is one … [Read more...]