The Planned Parenthood agenda for L.A. schools
Same-sex emphasis in videos

The third couple Cal Catholic published a story on December 13 detailing Planned Parenthood "well being" centers at 50 Los Angeles County high schools.To get an idea of what the abortion giant means by well-being, one can look at

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Sent to abortionist by Kaiser

  The following comes from a Feb. 19 release from Californians for Life. Abortion appointments are scheduled every 10 minutes each Friday at Family Planning Associates, 2322 Butano Drive, Sacramento. We are there at the sidewalk to pray and to

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Pro-life coalition to press Sacramento politicos

The following comes from a Jan. 21 release issued by Californians for Life. “Thursday, January 22nd, marks the 42nd year of Roe v Wade, which when combined with the Supreme Court decision Doe v Bolton, legalized abortion through all nine

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