Critics want Gov. Brown to veto bill requiring abortion drugs at campus health centers

California Gov. Jerry Brown should veto a bill that mandates abortion drugs at state university campus health centers, said pro-life advocates, citing both financial and ethical objections.   “California politicians put the interests of the abortion industry ahead of the

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California home to large human trafficking industry

Human trafficking is the world's fastest growing criminal enterprise.  An estimated $32 billion-a-year global industry, it constitutes one of the gravest offenses against human dignity - preying upon the most vulnerable women, children, and men who are frequently tricked or

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Join the California pro-life hero list

The following is a list of California churches that have turned in signatures as of December 19 for the Parental Notification initiative now circulating. This initiative will require a doctor to notify at least one parent of an under-18-year-old girl

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Signature gathering starts for parental notification in California

The following comes from a Sept. 25 press release issued by Religion News Service. One out of every four abortions in the U.S. is performed in California. And unlike most states, abortions are not likely to go down here. In

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Political puppets

The following comes from an August 28 LifeSiteNews article by Drew Belsky: Sacramento - Unlike over a dozen other states, California is resisting calls to investigate Planned Parenthood. On Monday, Democrats in the Golden State's Joint Legislative Audit Committee rejected

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CA intervenes in Planned Parenthood video sting

The following comes from an August 1 CalWatchdog article by James Poulos: Undercover videos that sent Planned Parenthood into crisis mode have drawn the concern of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, whose interest in reviewing their legality helped put the

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California counts on Obama administration not enforcing law

The following comes from a May 4 Red State article by Casey Mattox: Last week in Sacramento, California, legislators and abortion advocates finally explained how they square the state’s new abortion insurance mandate with a federal law prohibiting it. They

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Not pro-life like those rabid ones

The following comes from a March 16 Calbuzz article: Now that Republican Assemblyman Rocky (his actual name — we asked) Chavez of Oceanside has officially joined the race for U.S. Senate from California, becoming Democratic Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris’s No.

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