Head out on the highway: Come visit the California missions

I have faint memories of the California missions from my childhood. I remember working on a replica of a mission with my dad in the 4th grade (a requirement of California’s curriculum). I visited the Mission Santa Cruz in elementary

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Watercolors of Central Coast missions found

The following comes from a Dec. 16 story by Frank Perez on Benitolink.com. Tucked between pages of a hardbound book shelved in the family home or filling a sketchbook stored in the attic, the watercolor paintings of Central Coast missions

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History of Christmas still celebrated at California missions

The following comes from a December 1 Chicago Tribune article by Jay Jones: On the winter solstice, as the sun rises in the dip between two hills, the amazing accomplishment of some 18th-century priests becomes crystal clear. Through an open

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The golden era of California mission music

The following comes from a May 29 story in the Catholic Sentinel, a publication of the Oregon Catholic Press. …. Steven Ottományi, a California liturgical music composer and musicologist, has been studying the music sung two centuries ago in those

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Ventura candlelight procession honors canonization of Saint Junipero Serra

The following comes from a November 21 Ventura County Star article by Megan Diskin: The 300 or so people attending a special Mass on Saturday night were led to embrace a time of healing and love at Mission San Buenaventura

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California’s explicitly Christian heritage

The following comes from an October 31 Deseret News article by William Hamblin and Daniel Peterson: From 1957 through 2004, the official seal of Los Angeles County, California, centered on a standing image of Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit

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On a new Saint and negative press

The following comes from an October 29 Catholic World Report article by Dale Ahlquist:   For most of the last two hundred plus years, newly canonized Father Junipero Serra had a good reputation among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Considered “The Man Who Founded

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