Baby left dead in hospital bathroom finally buried

Anonymous donor, with help from San Bernardino diocese, provides internment at Catholic cemetery

California Catholic Daily exclusive By Tom Davis It took two years, but an infant left dead and abandoned inside a restroom at a Palm Springs hospital has finally been laid to rest. On Thursday, July 27, Baby Girl Rose Herrera-Cornejo was buried at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Cemetery in Colton, while prayers were offered and baby pink roses fell on the small … [Read more...]

Over a thousand unclaimed dead buried in Los Angeles

Large crowd gathers to mourn the 900 men, 400 women, and 120 babies

The following comes from a December 1 LA Times article by Makeda Easter and Jon Schleuss: About 200 people streamed down a small hill in Boyle Heights on Wednesday to mourn more than 1,400 of Los Angeles County’s unclaimed dead. Each year the county buries the cremated remains of those left at the cemetery for more than two years. “To think 1,400 can go unclaimed is … [Read more...]

Vatican: Cremated bodies may not be scattered

Ashes may not be kept at home or preserved as mementos; burial still preferred for remains

The following comes from an October 25 Catholic News Agency article by Hannah Brockhaus: The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith released an instruction Tuesday regarding burial and cremation, reiterating the Church's teaching that cremation, while strongly discouraged, can be permissible under certain restrictions – and that scattering the ashes is forbidden. Ad … [Read more...]

Bishop buries unborn baby discarded in sewer

‘Every child bears the face of Jesus’

The following comes from a June 16 LifeSite News article by Father Mark Hodges: Bishop Thomas J. Tobin took a tiny child, abandoned and literally thrown into the sewer to drown, and named him "Francis" before providing him a dignified burial. The preborn Baby Francis was found January 12 at Bucklin Wastewater Treatment Facility, when a worker saw what he thought was a … [Read more...]

Increasing number of human remains arrive at cemetery without family or friends

Lay ministry formed to help complete burial rite

The following comes from a June 3 Catholic San Francisco article by Christina Gray: On the occasions when Catholic remains would arrive to Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma for burial without an accompanying member of clergy – or sometimes without anyone at all – the cemetery’s longtime director would grab her own prayer book and offer the prayers of committal at the burial … [Read more...]