Are you funding Planned Parenthood?

New app prevents abortion giant from getting your money

The following comes from a March 9 Life Site News article by Dustin Siggins.   Do you fly Southwest or JetBlue? Is Coca-Cola filling your fridge, or are Olive Garden's never-ending salads a staple of your diet? If so, then you may be supporting the millions of dollars corporations send to Planned Parenthood each year. In a new report launched [March 9], the … [Read more...]

Using contraception increases breast cancer by 50 percent

New study did not rely on self-reporting

  The following comes from an Aug. 4 story on LifeSiteNews. A study of 1,102 women has found that use of several kinds of birth control pills was linked to greater chances of developing breast cancer. In a press release provided to LifeSiteNews by the American Association for Cancer Research, the study's authors found that high-dose estrogen pills "increased … [Read more...]

Chinese don’t cover up abortion-cancer data

Unlike their American counter-parts

The following comes from a story sent to Cal Catholic on June 27. The author is a northern California physician. Reproductive Research Audit covers studies that address the most controversial topics in reproductive health research, including the long-disputed (but recently affirmed) link between induced abortion and preterm birth, the contested link between induced abortion … [Read more...]

More truth about abortion-breast cancer in China

The following comes from a Dec. 3 posting by Mary Davenport, M.D. on American Thinker. Davenport practices in El Sobrante (Bay Area) and got her OB-GYN training at UC San Diego. In the US we are used to abortion advocates claiming that the risk of elective abortion is relatively trivial, and major medical organizations denying any link between abortion and breast cancer. … [Read more...]