“Family separation did not begin with this administration”

Archbishop José Gomez reflects on recent trip to international border at McAllen, Texas

I am writing from McAllen, Texas, where I have joined some of my brother bishops to pray and try to bring hope to the hundreds of undocumented children being detained here and in nearby Brownsville. McAllen is in the Rio Grande Valley, about five miles north of the Mexican border. It is now the center of the humanitarian crisis caused by our government’s policy of separating … [Read more...]

“The end of our great national tradition”

San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy joins other bishops in denouncing decision by attorney general to put a stop to asylum claims based on domestic abuse, gang violence: "We have truly lost our moral compass as a country”

A decision to deny appeals for asylum in the United States based on claims of domestic abuse or gang violence has been deplored by Catholic leaders from coast to coast. San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy called a ruling by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reject such claims “a denial of our heritage.” “For the whole of our history, the United States has been a refuge for … [Read more...]

Archbishop José Gomez discusses president’s recent executive orders

"Are we now going to decide that some people are not worthy of our love because they have different skin color, a different religion or were born in the 'wrong' country?"

Last week was hard. It is sad to see it come to this — that the president of the United States must define, by an executive order, the precise meaning of the word “wall.” “‘Wall’ shall mean a contiguous, physical wall or other similarly secure, contiguous and impassable physical barrier,” according to one of the three executive orders issued last week on immigrants and … [Read more...]

Thousands of Haitians trapped in Tijuana seeking entry into U.S.

“They’re too many to deal with”

The following comes from an October 12 Angelus article by JD Long-Garcia: TIJUANA, Mexico — Behind a migrant center just south of the U.S.-Mexico border, hundreds of Haitian migrants wait their turn to shower. Inside, volunteers schlep eggs, rice, beans and assorted vegetables to the kitchen. Valentino Lopez Guerrero keeps a sharp eye on the back door, a box in his arms. … [Read more...]

Archbishop at US-Mexico border: we need to tear down walls

Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barrón hopes Donald Trump changes his mind

The following comes from an August 12 Catholic World News article: The new archbishop of Tijuana, Mexico, visited the US-Mexican border on August 11, leaned on the border fence, and said, “We need to build bridges, and tear down walls.” Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barrón also said that he hoped that US presidential candidate Donald Trump “will always have people near him … [Read more...]

Migrant Stations of the Cross exhibited at Christ Cathedral

Artist Deborah McCullough created stations with artifacts found along the U.S.-Mexico border

The following comes from a March 2 OC Catholic article by Jorge Luis Macias: For 11 years, Deborah McCullough has walked the dangerous and steep trails walked by migrants in Southern Arizona. In 2013, at an immigration summit held by the Diocese of Tucson, Arizona, she was invited to create an exhibit. Three attendees from the Diocese of Los Angeles saw this exhibit and … [Read more...]