Bishop Robert McElroy issues statement on death of Richard Sipe

The following is from the Diocese of San Diego website: Dr. Richard Sipe was a controversial but committed advocate on behalf of sex abuse victims and reform in the Catholic Church.  A psychoanalyst and a former priest, his research on

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“The pastoral cannot be eclipsed by doctrine”

The following is an excerpt from the keynote address given by Bishop of San Diego Robert McElroy to the United States Association of Priests on June 26, 2018, in Albuquerque, New Mexico: We are living in a wonderful moment in

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Debate over ‘Faithful Citizenship’ at meeting of U.S. bishops

What some expected would be a brisk vote turned out to be a lengthy discussion at the USCCB general assembly meeting on Thursday, covering the future of the bishops’ guide to political engagement, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. At the end

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San Diego diocese announces program to prevent family separation at the border

In response to the Trump administration’s policy that separates children from their parents arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, Bishop Robert McElroy has announced that the diocese of San Diego will launch a program aimed at keeping asylum-seeking families together. During

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Diocese of San Diego promotes LGBT retreat headed by Protestant dissidents

In the April 22, 2018, Sunday bulletin at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, in the Diocese of San Diego, there appeared an advertisement for a “Q Christian Parents Retreat.” The current “Pastoral Administrator” at St. John’s is Kevin Casey, S.J. The parish

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There will be no graphic signs

If you have never been to the  Good Friday Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in Downtown San Diego, please consider it taking part in the 13th annual event on Good Friday, March 30.  Bishop Robert McElroy will be leading us! Please arrive

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San Diego bishop: Some Catholics have ‘corrosive and repugnant’ views on homosexuality

San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy said recently that there is “repugnant” and “corrosive” bigotry toward individuals identifying as LGBT on the part of “a group of people across all religious views.” This “particularly antagonistic” regard for LGBT individuals by people

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San Diego bishop says attacks on Fr. James Martin driven by homophobia

Much of the criticism of Fr James Martin and his book Building a Bridge is part of a “cancer of vilification” in the US Church, a bishop has claimed. Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego said the criticism was often

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Bishop McElroy aligns himself with Bishop McGrath

Although response from Catholic clergy has been muted in the wake of Springfield, Illinois, Bishop Thomas Paprocki’s June 12 decree that prohibits Catholics in "same-sex 'marriage' " from receiving Communion, lay organizations have been vocal about their disdain for the decree. The

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