“Stay and fight”

In new book, LA Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron urges Catholics not to leave the Church because of sex-abuse scandals

It’s now been almost a year since the latest wave of the clerical sexual abuse scandals in Catholicism erupted. How bad have things become over that year? Well, one measure is this: Arguably the most prominent Catholic bishop in America, and by consensus the most talented natural communicator and evangelist among the current crop of U.S. prelates, felt compelled to bring out a … [Read more...]

Bishop Barron gives commencement speech on greatness of soul

Bishop of the Santa Barbara pastoral region elaborates on Aquinas' definition of magnanimity

The following is an excerpt from the commencement speech given by Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron at Thomas Aquinas College on May 11: How could I not take as my point of orientation today some thoughts from the patron of this school? I would like to draw your attention to a fairly obscure section of St. Thomas’s Summa Theologiae, namely, question 129 of the secunda … [Read more...]

Question for L.A.’s Bishop Barron

Why bring up bishops' letter on racism to the Covington boys?

The following comes from a Feb. 20 posting on the stmarycoldcase blog. I ran into this piece in City Journal by Heather MacDonald, one of the more thoughtful writers in the past two decades:   The Jussie Smollett case, in which a young black, gay actor has apparently concocted a tale of being attacked by two white men wearing MAGA hats and shouting anti-gay slurs, … [Read more...]

U.S. bishops express hope that Wuerl resignation will bring healing

LA Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron: "I'm sure he did what he felt was right for the good of the Church"

Several U.S. bishops responding to the official resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. expressed hope Friday that the decision would bring healing for survivors of clerical abuse. Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Wuerl Oct. 12, while asking the cardinal to continue leading the Archdiocese of Washington on an interim basis until a permanent successor … [Read more...]

Bishop Barron blasts Michelle Wolf’s jokes

LA auxiliary describes White House Correspondents’ Dinner as "people in tuxedos and formal gowns, sipping from wine glasses, and laughing while someone jokes about the murder of children"

The other night at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Michelle Wolf, who I’m told is a comedian, regaled the black-tie and sequin-gowned crowd with her “jokes.” Almost all were in extremely bad taste and/or wildly offensive, but one has become accustomed to that sort of coarseness in the comedy clubs and even on mainstream television. However, she crossed over into the … [Read more...]

How to argue on the internet

Bishop Robert Barron spoke to Facebook employees Sept. 18 at the company's Menlo Park headquarters about how to debate religion

People need to learn how to argue better on the internet, especially about religion, Catholic media personality and Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron said in remarks at Facebook's headquarters on Sept. 18. “Seek with great patience to understand your opponent’s position,” he advised, adding that it can be “very tempting just to fire back 'why you’re wrong.'” Instead … [Read more...]

Combining high theological insight with vivid imagination

Bishop Robert Barron explains why you should read C.S. Lewis’ masterpiece “The Great Divorce”

In my capacity as regional bishop of the Santa Barbara pastoral region, which covers two entire counties north of Los Angeles, I am obliged to spend a good deal of time in the car. To make the long trips a bit easier, I have gotten back into the habit of listening to audio books. Just recently, I followed, with rapt attention, a book that I had read many years ago but which I … [Read more...]

LA Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron discusses Martin Luther, “the undisputed father of the Reformation”

"Cantankerous, pious, very funny, shockingly anti-Semitic, deeply insightful, and utterly exasperating"

With great profit and pleasure I’m currently reading Alec Ryrie’s new book Protestants: The Faith that Made the Modern World. Among the many texts appearing in this year of the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, Ryrie’s stands out for its verve, clarity, and historical sweep. In some ways, it is an answer to Brad Gregory’s The Unintended Reformation, though it lacks … [Read more...]

It doesn’t look like a Catholic Church

Tijuana's archbishop rejects modern design for city's new cathedral

Tijuana’s new archbishop has rejected the design of a cathedral that has been under construction since 2006. In an undated press release posted on the new cathedral’s website, Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barrón said, among other things, “That in eagerness that it be modern, the project does not look like a Catholic church, much less a cathedral.” The archbishop has … [Read more...]

Bishop Barron to head U.S. bishops’ Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis

Well before he was named auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles, Barron was well known for his evangelization efforts

The following comes from a December 9 Angelus article: Well before he was named auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles, Bishop Robert Barron was known throughout the universal Church for his evangelization efforts. Bishop Barron’s best-selling books, his award-winning documentary about the faith — “Catholicism” — and his Word on Fire Catholic Ministries brought the faithful into … [Read more...]