Get On the Bus program reunites children with incarcerated parents

My Dear Brothers in Christ, Each year, a program called Get On The Bus rallies Catholic faith communities throughout the state to provide the children of incarcerated parents with a visit with their mother or father – a parent they

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Bishop Jaime Soto speaks on Amoris Laetitia

California Catholic Daily exclusive. The Sacramento Catholic Forum, which kicked off its year on January 25th, was founded to provide formation, fellowship, and networking opportunities to Catholics in the Diocese of Sacramento. Their first breakfast meeting of the year –

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“Abortion is often an act of desperation driven by fear”

Homily by Bishop Jaime Soto for the Mass of Reparation/Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children, Jan. 23, 2017: They had said, “He has un unclean spirit.” (Mk. 3.22-30) Today’s gospel passage comes after a series of

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Sacramento religious leaders decry genocide by Islamic State

The following comes from a March 23 Sacramento Bee article by Bill Lindelof: More than a dozen clergy and lay people from Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim and Protestant houses of worship gathered Wednesday at a news conference on the steps of

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Bishop Soto issues statement regarding failure of assisted-suicide initiative

The following is an excerpt from the statement of the Most Rev. Jaime Soto, Bishop of Sacramento and President of the California Catholic Conference, on the referendum to overturn the physician-assisted suicide law (ABx2-15) in California: January 4, 2016 “Dear

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When it comes to abortion, California is like China

The following comes from Bishop Jaime Soto's November Reflection on the Diocese of Sacramento's website: It was recently announced with much fanfare that China was officially doing away with its "one-child" policy. Many news reports have recounted the moral and social

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Crisis pregnancy centers face an underhanded assault

The following comes from an August 18 Sacramento Bee opinion piece by Bishop Jaime Soto: Lots of media attention continues to be given to the videos of Planned Parenthood staff members speaking about the disposition of aborted fetal tissue. Some people

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