San Bernardino Bishop: Trump Administration immigration policy is an attack on the family

Separation of children from their parents violates Church teaching on human dignity, Bishop Barnes says

The following is an excerpt from a recent writing of Bishop Gerald Barnes of San Bernardino: We are called to take notice of and respond to specific situations and challenges that impact family life. One very painful and egregious example of this is recent reports of tactics now being carried out by federal immigration enforcement officials in regard to undocumented persons … [Read more...]

San Bernardino bishop invites parish input on his successor

With his mandatory retirement just two-and-a-half years away, Bishop Gerald Barnes tells faithful: “You have a say. I’m proposing that before I send anything to Rome, that I consult with the parishes"

With his mandatory retirement just two-and-a-half years away, Bishop Gerald Barnes used this year’s Combined Vicariate meetings to ask the leadership and staffs of diocesan parishes to ponder this question. As part of his keynote talk, Bishop Barnes explained the formal process of how a new bishop is chosen for a diocese when the existing one retires. While the ultimate … [Read more...]

San Bernardino bishop: “A year before I was to be ordained a priest, I was kicked out”

Bishop Gerald Barnes recounts his difficult road to priestly ordination: "In the Church at that time, you didn’t question authority so I was seen as kind of a rebel"

Hundreds of youth from across the Diocese enthusiastically gathered at St. Junipero Serra House of Formation in Grand Terrace on October 14 to celebrate Bishop Gerald Barnes’ 25th Episcopal Anniversary.  Youth and young adult Catholics bonded with each other through prayer, music and worship and also participated in several activities throughout the day, including a game of … [Read more...]

“Those who promote hate are to be denounced”

San Bernardino bishop issues statement on violence in Barcelona, Charlottesville

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Our nation and our world continue to be plagued by violent hostility and a tragic disregard for the precious life that God has given all of His children. Just this week, we have witnessed an act of terror in Spain that claimed 13 lives and injured hundreds, and the terrible display of hatred and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia that led to … [Read more...]

San Bernardino bishop to receive national award for lay ministry

On June 2, Bishop Gerald Barnes will receive the Gaudium et Spes Award from the National Association for Lay Ministry

In the year of his Silver Jubilee, Bishop Gerald Barnes is being honored nationally for one of the hallmarks of his Episcopacy – lay formation. On June 2, Bishop Barnes will receive the Gaudium et Spes Award from the National Association for Lay Ministry. This honor is given to one who promotes understanding of the Church in the world within the context of the Second Vatican … [Read more...]

Here’s what Bishop Barnes learned during 25 years serving the San Bernardino diocese

The bishop lists immigration reform, inclusiveness and diversity as important causes

Bishop Gerald R. Barnes is celebrating his 25th year of leadership in the Diocese of San Bernardino, which includes Riverside and San Bernardino counties. No current Roman Catholic bishop in the United States has led a diocese longer than Barnes, diocese officials said. COMFORTING IMMIGRANTS Throughout the years, Barnes has pushed the church to embrace immigration reform. The … [Read more...]

Bishop Barnes calls for prayer and fasting before inauguration

San Bernardino bishop asks parishes to participate in a one-day fast in response to 'divisions that emerged from the presidential campaign'

The following comes from a December 19 Inland Catholic Byte article: In response to divisions that emerged from the presidential campaign and in support of healing and hope for the country, Bishop Gerald Barnes is asking parishes of the Diocese to participate in a one-day fast during the final 18 days leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of … [Read more...]

ACLU sues federal government for giving money to the bishops

The cost of free money

The following comes from a June 24 release on Common Dreams, an ACLU website The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Northern California, and the ACLU Foundation of Southern California today filed a lawsuit against the federal government for awarding millions of dollars annually to organizations that fail to provide crucial medical care to unaccompanied immigrant … [Read more...]

San Bernardino Diocese welcomes three new houses of worship

Bishop Gerald Barnes dedicates and blesses three churches in one weekend -- a diocesan record

The following comes from an Inland Catholic Byte article: As he gave his homily during the Dedication Mass for the new church at Queen of Angels in Riverside, a crowd of children seated on the steps to the sanctuary before him, Bishop Gerald Barnes held up his hands and uttered part of an old British nursery rhyme. “Here is the church, here is the steeple, open up the … [Read more...]

Interfaith vigil held at San Bernardino’s Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral

More than 400 people attend

The following comes from a December 9 Angelus article by R.W. Dellinger: SAN BERNARDINO — Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral was dark as the men and women of different faiths walked down the center aisle of the mission-revival-style church. The names of the 14 victims of the December 2 shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino were read by an unseen woman, with … [Read more...]