The Church is for life

Pope Francis tells physicians they must defend human life "however weak or defenseless, even if not developed or not advanced”

 Ideologies which do not acknowledge and uphold the dignity of human life must be resisted and the Catholic Church’s teaching on life affirmed, Pope Francis told a group of Catholic doctors Monday. “The Church is for life, and her concern is that nothing is against life in the reality of a concrete existence, however weak or defenseless, even if not developed or not advanced,” … [Read more...]

Bioethics expert says ‘de-valuing’ human beings is 21st century malady

“We’re actually preying on other human beings, and using them to benefit those who are wealthy and powerful”

In the early 21st century, the list of bioethical conundrums facing humanity is almost infinitely long. Just because we can whip up new human lives in a petri dish, should we? Just because we can extend life almost indefinitely, should we? Just because we can alter a new life’s genetic code to give it certain perceived enhancements, should we? According to one of the … [Read more...]

Will editing your baby’s genes soon become mandatory?

Writer predicts that in the near future the United States will arrest, try, and convict parents who refuse to edit the genes of their child before birth

Designing a baby, or editing the genes of an unborn child, strikes many as risky, unseemly, unnatural, unethical, or likely to lead to a dystopian future of one sort or another. Still, I predict that within my lifetime, the United States will arrest, try, and convict some parents for refusing to edit the genes of their child before he or she is born. Legislative majorities do … [Read more...]

New form of stem-cell engineering raises ethical questions

Scientists are starting to assemble stem cells that can organize themselves into embryo like structures

As biological research races forward, ethical quandaries are piling up. In a report published Tuesday in the journal eLife, researchers at Harvard Medical School said it was time to ponder a startling new prospect: synthetic embryos. In recent years, scientists have moved beyond in vitro fertilization. They are starting to assemble stem cells that can organize themselves into … [Read more...]

“There are limits to what can morally be done”

Bishops' lawyer to National Institutes of Health: don't fund chimera research

The following comes from a September 2 USCCB statement: WASHINGTON—The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) submitted comments September 2 to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Science Policy on the proposed authorization of federally-funded human/animal chimera research. Comments objecting to that proposal were submitted by Anthony Picarello, USCCB … [Read more...]

It’s easy to follow the rules when you don’t know how to break them

A lab-grown human embryo has reignited an old ethical debate

The following comes from a May 4 Science Magazine article by Patrick Monahan: It’s easy to obey a rule when you don’t have the means to break it. For decades, many countries have permitted human embryos to be studied in the laboratory only up to 14 days after their creation by in vitro fertilization. But—as far as anyone knows—no researcher has ever come close to the limit. … [Read more...]

Holy See says Pope never approved of chimeras

But bioethics expert says Church would not object once 'technical challenges are worked out'

The following comes from a February 6 Crux article by John L. Allen Jr. A previous CalCatholic article, Pope Francis said to bless human-animal chimeras, was published January 28. In a recent interview with Scientific American, a Spanish biologist named Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte at the California-based Salk Institute claimed that Pope Francis had given an ethical … [Read more...]

Pope Francis said to bless human-animal chimeras

Salk Institute scientist says he has papal blessing for his research

The following comes from a January 27 MIT Technology Review article by Antonio Regalado: A Spanish scientist working at the Salk Institute in California told Scientific American that Pope Francis personally blessed his cutting edge research to mix human cells into animal bodies. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a prominent stem cell biologist, is engaged in efforts to grow … [Read more...]

Right out of an H.G. Wells nightmare

Full video shows Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for creation of “humanized” mice

The following comes from an August 7 Operation Rescue article by Cheryl Sullenger: Houston, TX — Today, the Center for Medical Progress released the full, uncut video of the undercover visit to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Houston, Texas, that was summarized in the a shorter video released earlier this week. That longer video contains new revelations that … [Read more...]

Stop fretting about three-parent embryos

The following comes from a Mar. 8 story on the site. The controversy over three-parent embryos could soon be old hat. Writing in one of the world’s leading journals, one of Britain’s best-known bioethicists has outlined a strategy for creating children with four or more genetic parents. He calls it “multiplex parenting”. John Harris, of the University of … [Read more...]