San Francisco archbishop defends ‘Humanae Vitae’

"Leaders in the Church do a grave disservice to our people by misleading them with the false idea of what conscience means"

The promise of the sexual revolution and contraception was total sexual freedom for everyone. “Sex is for fun and now women can have just as much fun without the consequences,” Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco said about the claims of the sexual revolution in a recent talk. “That was the cry of the day, and yet somehow it didn’t work out that way,” he … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan, Catholic

How the possible future Speaker of the House implements Catholic social teaching

The following comes from an October 21 Catholic Vote article by Tom Hoopes: Now that Paul Ryan is willing to run (reluctantly) for Speaker of the House, his record is being pored over. For my part, I looked over his visit to Benedictine College as commencement speaker two years ago, when he was fresh from his campaign for Vice President. Here is some of what he … [Read more...]

Hardcore Catholic Millennials

The following comes from a Feb. 11 story on Much has been written about the Millennials, the generation born in the 1990s — or as early as the 1980s and I suppose as late as the new millennium which gives them their name. You can find articles about their political views, their work habits, and their buying trends. You can also find complaints from non-affluent … [Read more...]