Benedict XVI celebrates 91st birthday

Pope Emeritus spent his birthday, April 16, in the Mater Ecclesia Monastery in the Vatican, where he lives April 16 marks Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's 91st birthday. He will be spending the day quietly in the 'Mater Ecclesia' Monastery in the Vatican, where he lives. The day of Joseph Ratzinger’s birth has been seen by some as a sign of Divine Providence. It was certainly a sign of things to come. The future … [Read more...]

Vatican office altered photo of Benedict’s comments on Francis

Manipulation changed the meaning of the image, according to the Associated Press

The AP's Nicole Winfield wrote March 14 that the Vatican has admitted “that it altered a photo sent to the media of a letter from retired Pope Benedict XVI about Pope Francis. The manipulation changed the meaning of the image in a way that violated photojournalist industry standards.” Winfield added that “The Vatican admitted Thursday [sic] that it blurred the two final lines … [Read more...]

Looking forward to 10 years of Summorum Pontificum

The motu proprio, issued by Pope Benedict XVI July 7, 2007, was meant to help close rift in Church following liturgical changes made after the Second Vatican Council

Ten years after Benedict XVI broadened access to the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, the document by which he did so is being hailed as a means of closing the rift of division following liturgical changes made after the Second Vatican Council. “Sometimes there are these polemics, but I think Benedict tried to overcome these polemics, saying that even in the liturgy … [Read more...]

Benedict XVI: “The things of God do not seem urgent”

Bemoans man-centered liturgy in new edition of Opera Omnia

The following comes from an Apr. 19 story on LifeSiteNews. A mistaken liturgical reform following Vatican II that emphasized human “activity and creativity” in place of giving “priority” to God has jeopardized the very existence of the Catholic Church, according to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. “In such a situation, it becomes ever clearer that the existence of the Church … [Read more...]

Benedict found out about gay lobby

His memoirs say he managed to “break up this power group”

The following comes from a July 1 story on Reuters. Former Pope Benedict says in his memoirs that no-one pressured him to resign but alleges that a "gay lobby" in the Vatican had tried to influence decisions, a leading Italian newspaper reported on Friday. The book, called The Last Conversations, is the first time in history that a former pope judges his own pontificate … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan, Catholic

How the possible future Speaker of the House implements Catholic social teaching

The following comes from an October 21 Catholic Vote article by Tom Hoopes: Now that Paul Ryan is willing to run (reluctantly) for Speaker of the House, his record is being pored over. For my part, I looked over his visit to Benedictine College as commencement speaker two years ago, when he was fresh from his campaign for Vice President. Here is some of what he … [Read more...]

Fish eaters no more

Animal rights activist says being Catholic means being vegetarian

The following comes from a July 10 LA Times article by Bruce Friedrich. Friedrich is director of policy for Farm Sanctuary, a national farm animal protection organization that runs two farm animal shelters in California. Does Catholicism require opposition to animal cruelty, including industrial farming? For two years I taught social studies at an inner-city high school; … [Read more...]

Benedict XVI’s letter to atheist

The following comes from a Nov. 26, 2013 article in the National Catholic Register. It appeared as a link in the Feb. 12 California Catholic story, Benedict, a year on. Exclusive to the Register, we publish below the first English translation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s letter to the militant Italian atheist, Piergiorgio Odifreddi. In September, the Italian newspaper … [Read more...]

Benedict, a year on

The following comes from a Feb. 11 posting on Whispers in the Loggia. Since stepping away, the now Pope-emeritus has broadly held to his plan for his retirement to be spent "hidden from the world." From his base in the former Mater Ecclesiae convent in the Vatican Gardens, Benedict – who'll be 87 in April – is said to spend his days with the books he once called his "old … [Read more...]

AB Cordileone to introduce Benedict XVI Institute on Epiphany Sunday

The following comes from a Dec. 28 posting on the John Malloy blogspot. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone will celebrate Epiphany Vespers and introduce the Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship on Sunday January 5: Epiphany Vespers with Archbishop Cordileone January 5, 2014 (4PM) St Sebastian’s Catholic Church 373 Bon Air Rd, San Rafael, CA … [Read more...]