The railroading of Cardinal Pell

John Paul II's biographer to the defense

The following comes from a Dec. 31 story by George Weigel, Pope John Paul II's biographer, in the New York Post. No one with a sense of justice can fail to be outraged when, in To Kill a Mockingbird, a jury in Maycomb, Ala., bows to social pressure and convicts an innocent man of a crime he couldn’t have committed. Something similar took place last month in real-world … [Read more...]

Cardinal Pell found guilty of sexually abusing altar boys

Pell has vigorously denied allegations he molested two altar boys during a swimming trip in the 1990s when he was bishop in Ballarat

Cardinal George Pell has been convicted by an Australian court on charges of sexual abuse of minors, according to media reports and CNA sources close to the cardinal. A judicial gag order has restricted Australian media coverage of the trial since June. Despite the gag order, a story published Dec. 11 on the Daily Beast website first reported that a unanimous verdict of … [Read more...]

Cardinal George Pell: “I’m innocent of these charges, they are false.”

Australian authorities allege Vatican's Prefect for the Secretariat of the Economy committed sexual abuse many years ago

After Australian police announced that they have charged him on multiple counts of sexual abuse, Cardinal George Pell has maintained his innocence, saying he will take leave from his responsibilities in the Vatican to clear his name. In comments to journalists during a June 29 news briefing at the Holy See Press Office, Cardinal Pell said that with the permission of Pope … [Read more...]

Pro-life advocate behind shocking Planned Parenthood videos arrested after false complaints

Troy Newman being detained and deported based solely on his religious and pro-life beliefs

The following is an October 1 LifeNews article by Steven Ertelt: American pro-life activist Troy Newman is on the board of directors of the Center for Medical Policy, which is responsible for the series of 10 videos showing the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling aborted babies and their body parts. This week, he was slated to head to Australia for a pro-life … [Read more...]

Don’t mess with Pell

The reform Francis is getting right

The following is a March 25 story by George Weigel on the Catholic World Report. Shortly after George Pell was named archbishop of Melbourne, he instituted several reforms at the archdiocesan seminary, including daily Mass and the daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, both of which had fallen by the wayside in the preceding years. The seminary faculty, enthusiastic … [Read more...]

The most valuable thing in existence

13.4 million Australians are online 18.8 hours a day

The following comes from a Dec. 5 story by Zac Alstin on As an adult it’s very easy to ignore the deficiencies in our choices; but as parents we cannot afford to be so negligent. Our children are like tiny mirrors, microcosms of our own faults and feelings. Like canaries in the coal mine, their well-being is contingent on forces to which we are often … [Read more...]