Atheist group says religion is superstition, now wants its members to be chaplains

Navy Fights to preserve chaplaincy’s religious identity

The following is a June 18 Beckett Fund press release by Melinda Skea: Washington, D.C. – Moments ago, a Virginia district court heard arguments regarding the Navy’s decision not to admit secular atheists into its religious chaplaincy. The Humanist Society and its parent organization, the American Humanist Association, wage an aggressive anti-religion campaign arguing that … [Read more...]

Atheists erect billboards in Sacramento

The following comes from a Nov. 27 story on Reuters (U.K.) As the Christmas season approaches in the United States, a group of non-believers in the California capital are planning to erect billboards explaining why they are atheists in hopes of bringing broader visibility to their lack of religious faith. The 55 billboards that will soon dot the Sacramento landscape will … [Read more...]

Francis writes nonbeliever to urge dialogue

  The following comes from a September 11 story by John Allen in the National Catholic Reporter. Although the big Vatican story in the English-speaking media today is based on comments by Archbishop Pietro Parolin, the new Secretary of State, on celibacy and democracy, attention in Italy is focused instead on the latest sensation from Pope Francis himself: a personal … [Read more...]

Chico under fire for prayer before meetings

The following comes from an August 18 story in the Christian News. For years, Chico city council members have invited local religious leaders from various faiths to lead invocations prior to official city council gatherings. For instance, the agenda for an upcoming meeting this week shows that the pastor of Matthew’s Café Community Church will be giving a prayer prior to the … [Read more...]