Pope Francis: Assisted suicide is false compassion
Francis tells doctors to resist temptation of euthanasia

Pope Francis told a group of Italian doctors Friday they must resist the temptation to participate in assisted suicide or euthanasia, which trades the dignity of the patient for a “false compassion.” “It is important that the doctor does

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Seattle priest says he was unaware parishioner would commit suicide
Father Dupont gave Robert Fuller public blessing shortly before he ended his life

A priest who was photographed blessing a man who planned to commit suicide said Friday that he was unaware of the man’s intentions, and that if he had known what the man was planning, he would have acted differently.

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Seattle bishops to review blessing of assisted suicide advocate
AIDS patient killed himself days after he received Mass blessing

The Archdiocese of Seattle is facing questions after a local man received a formal Catholic blessing at Mass shortly before committing medically assisted suicide. Robert Fuller, an HIV and cancer patient, committed suicide on May 10.  An Aug. 27

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Appeals court overturns assisted suicide ruling by lower court judge

A state appeals court in California has vacated a lower court ruling that struck the state’s physician-assisted suicide law as unconstitutional, finding the Christian doctors who challenged the 2016 law lacked standing to sue because they didn’t show they’ll be forced to

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“The good news is the AMA did not change their position”

The American Medical Association voted this week to return to committee a report recommending continued opposition to physician assisted suicide - a move that commentators have called a missed opportunity to stand up for the value of human life. “For

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Assisted suicide is not healthcare

Recently, a Superior Court judge in Riverside County issued a ruling overturning California’s assisted-suicide law. As expected, the ruling has been challenged. Still, I am grateful because it offers us an opportunity to revisit important questions about what constitutes healthcare

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“Rulings seem to be accumulating against this terrible piece of legislation”

The following statement was issued May 25 by Edward ‘Ned” Dolejsi, executive director of the California Catholic Conference, on the Fourth District Court of Appeal denying the California Attorney General’s request for an immediate stay of the ruling that determined

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Appeals court won’t overturn ruling blocking California’s assisted-suicide law

An appeals court has let stand a lower court ruling overturning a California law that allows physicians to prescribe life-ending drugs to the terminally ill. California's Fourth District Court of Appeals on Wednesday refused to stay last week's decision by

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