Former papal nuncio Vigano goes after Pachamama
Watch video of man who tossed idol into the Tiber

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is urging the re-consecration of St. Peter’s Basilica, in light of what he calls “the appalling idolatrous profanations” that have been committed in its walls through the veneration of the Pachamama statue. In a Nov. 6

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Did McCarrick aide’s letters get Archbishop Vigano full story in Washington Post?

The following comes from a June 9 story in the Washington Post. In the instant he became one of the most controversial figures in modern Catholic Church history, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò went dark. The retired Vatican ambassador to Washington

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Ouellet vs Viganò: What have we learned?

Archbishop Theodore McCarrick has begun a life of prayer and penance in a monastery in Kansas. Questions remain, and continue to be asked, about McCarrick’s rise and fall in the Church. Unusual for Rome, these questions are being asked and

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“Open and scandalous rebellion”

The Vatican’s prefect for the Congregation for Bishops released a letter Sunday morning refuting charges Pope Francis lifted sanctions against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, and saying that charges made by a former Vatican ambassador are an “unjustified attack” on the

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Archbishop Vigano issues new letter on Pope Francis and McCarrick

The following is the full English text of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano's second letter regarding clerical abuse by Cardinal McCarrick and its coverup within the Vatican. To read the first letter from Archbishop Vigano, click here.           

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Vigano letter tests bishops, others

  Bishop Joseph Strickland, Tyler, Texas, Aug. 26 “Let us be clear that they are still allegations, but as your shepherd I find them to be credible .”     Scott Hahn, Catholic apologist, Aug. 26 “Thank you, Bishop Strickland."    

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“Tendentious distortions of the truth”

The following is from the Diocese of San Diego website: Statement by Bishop McElroy on “testimony” by former Papal Nuncio: “This is a moment when the bishops of our nation, in union with the Holy Father, should be focused solely

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Former papal nuncio to U.S. says Pope Francis should resign for his role in McCarrick scandal

Just hours after Pope Francis condemned the “repugnant crimes” of sexual abuse by clergy during his two-day trip to Ireland, news broke in the United States that a former papal ambassador to the country is accusing Francis of having known

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