San Francisco board votes to remove ‘Early Days’ statue

Board of Appeals had voted in April to keep artwork depicting Catholic missionary, cowboy and Native American, but unanimously reverses itself; critics say statue celebrates subjugation of American Indians by white settlers

A controversial sculpture in San Francisco’s Civic Center depicting a vaquero and a missionary standing over a fallen and nearly naked American Indian could be coming down as early as next week following a unanimous vote by the city’s Board of Appeals Wednesday night. The vote reverses the board’s earlier decision and bookends a decades-long fight to remove what some critics … [Read more...]

“They have the Constitution on their side”

LA Times editorial: Target 'gay conversion therapy,' not religion

The following is an opinion piece by the LA Times editorial board: In 2012 California enacted a law that bars licensed mental health providers from engaging in therapy designed to change the sexual orientation of patients under the age of 18. Now the state Senate is considering a sequel of sorts. But this new legislation is broader in its application — so broad that some … [Read more...]

ChristianMingle ordered to include gays

And to pay $9000 damages plus attorney fees

The following comes from a July 1 story by Kevin Daly on the Stream., an online platform for single Christians seeking relationships, must accommodate gay users, a California judge ruled. Two gay men in California brought a lawsuit against ChristianMingle’s parent company Spark Network, which also administers, … [Read more...]

Severed head, hands of Virgin Mary statue marks latest Tahoe church crime

May be related to other vandalism targeting area churches

The following comes from a February 19 Sierra Sun article by Kevin MacMillan: KINGS BEACH, Calif. — Another vandalism crime has occurred at a North Lake Tahoe church, this time involving the desecration of a granite Virgin Mary statue. According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, an unknown suspect or suspects sometime overnight Sunday, February 14, severed the head … [Read more...]

Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage

If they answered 'yes', they were shot in the head

The following comes from an October 1 New York Post article by Chris Perez: The gunman who opened fire at an Oregon community college was forcing people to stand up and state their religion before he began blasting away at them, survivors said Thursday. A woman who claimed to have a grandmother inside a writing class in Snyder Hall, where a portion the massacre unfolded, … [Read more...]

University of California seeks create right to be free from intolerance

Wonder if these protections apply to Christians?

The following comes from a September 14 MRCTV article by Ashley Rae Goldenberg: Just months after the University of California was criticized for its “recognizing microaggressions” handout, the University of California Board of Regents will be considering a policy to make the university system “free from acts and expressions of intolerance.” Eugene Volokh of the … [Read more...]

Where there’s a cross, there’s a lawsuit

Complaint targets continued use of "Christian symbol" in L.A. County seal

The following comes from an April 21 LA Times article by Matt Hamilton:  Lawyers for a group of religious leaders complained to a federal judge Tuesday that Los Angeles County continues to display an official seal that includes a Christian cross, violating a legal agreement reached in February 2014. Attorneys contended that officials had agreed to halt "further … [Read more...]

Attending college should not cost me my faith

Christian group requires student leaders actually be Christian, loses campus status

The following comes from a March 31 Christian Post article by Samuel Smith: A Christian fellowship student group is no longer being recognized at California State University, Stanislaus because its requirement that student leaders be Christian is considered discriminatory and a violation of a statewide non-discrimination order. The University System of California is no … [Read more...]

Top 10 anti-Christian events of 2011

Anti-defamation group releases results of reader poll SAN DIEGO, Jan. 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- DefendChristians.Org solicited the members of their online community to vote for their choice of the top ten anti-Christian acts of 2011 in the U.S. "I am always surprised at the results of our poll and this year is no exception," said Dr. Gary Cass of … [Read more...]