Movement to canonize first African-American saint gaining momentum

Father Augustus Tolton escaped slavery when he was seven years old

The following comes from a March 16 Valley Catholic article by Liz Sullivan: He was born nine years before Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves. He walked and rowed a boat to his freedom as a young child. Every place he reached out to in the United States in the hopes of becoming a priest said, “NO.” Yet his faith never wavered; his commitment … [Read more...]

On a new Saint and negative press

The canonization of Fr. Junipero Serra should have been a cause for great rejoicing for all Catholics and for the people of California, and, well, for everybody else. But it wasn't.

The following comes from an October 29 Catholic World Report article by Dale Ahlquist:   For most of the last two hundred plus years, newly canonized Father Junipero Serra had a good reputation among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Considered “The Man Who Founded California”, the state honored him with a statue in the U.S. Capitol. He founded the first nine of … [Read more...]

St. Cesar?

San Jose leaders propose Catholic sainthood for farm labor leader

The following comes from a March 28 Santa Cruz Sentinel article by Matt O'Brien:    SAN JOSE -- Family members of labor leader Cesar Chavez led a march in his honor Saturday through the neighborhood where he once lived, and some supporters also used the birthday commemoration to revive a movement to make Chavez a Catholic saint. "This is the beginning of a … [Read more...]