Shining a ‘Spotlight’ on Hollywood duplicity and bias

The following comes from a November 30 Crisis Magazine article by Anne Hendershott: Portrayed as a villain in Spotlight, the new film describing the clergy abuse scandal, Jack Dunn, the media spokesman for Boston College, and trustee for Boston College

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Catholic Church collects $1.6 billion in U.S. contracts, grants since 2012

The following comes from a September 24 Washington Times article by Kelly Riddell:   Not to be lost in the pomp and circumstance of Pope Francis' first visit to Washington is the reality that the Catholic Church he oversees has

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The way forward: Accommodation or proclamation?

The following comes from a June 11 Catholic World Report article by Russell Shaw: In its first “religious landscape” study in seven years, the Pew Research Center found membership dropping steeply in most Christian bodies except for Evangelicals, among whom the

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