Solomonic Appointment by Archbishop Cordileone

Fr. Vito Perrone new Chaplain for Star of the Sea School

On April 28, the Archdiocese of San Francisco announced new clergy appointments. The announcement included the news that Fr. Vito Perrone, of the Contemplatives of St. Joseph, will serve as the new Chaplain of Star of the Sea School, starting May 1. The appointment addresses the controversy at the school which began when the pastor of Star of the Sea, Fr. Joseph Illo, … [Read more...]

Packed church for Fathers Illo and Driscoll

Hundreds of supportive Catholics fill San Francisco’s Star of the Sea

On Saturday, April 25, the 4:30 p.m. Mass at San Francisco’s Star of the Sea Church resembled Easter or Christmas. The packed Church was a show of support for Star's faithful Catholic Priests, Father Joseph Illo and Father Patrick Driscoll. The two have earned the enmity of the San Francisco power structure, as well as that of a number of their fellow priests, for their … [Read more...]

Liberation and inclusive movements

St. Stephen’s pastor thumbs nose at Father Illo and Archbishop Cordileone

The following pastor's letter came in a Feb. 27 email with this note: “Please do not disclose my identity if you decide to use the above in an article. My reason for sending the message is that I believe Archbishop Cordileone has a right to know which priests are against him.” Dear Parishioners of St. Stephen, Our local Catholic Church has been in the news … [Read more...]

A shadow of its former self

Father Illo writes about the Church in San Francisco

The following comes from a Feb. 8 (and earlier) postings on the blogsite of Father Joseph Illo, pastor of Star of the Sea church in San Francisco. ….The Catholic Church in San Francisco is but a shadow of what she once was, and I suppose that is true in most of our big cities. I realized this most forcefully last week with the storm of protest against our altar boy policy, … [Read more...]


Father Illo stands up for altar boys

The following comes from a Jan. 26 story on A Catholic priest, new to San Francisco and no stranger to controversy, has banned girls from acting as altar servers at Mass, a decision that sets his parish apart from all others in the archdiocese. The Rev. Joseph Illo, pastor at Star of the Sea Church since August, said he believes there is an “intrinsic … [Read more...]

Parishes that switch to altar boys

There's been a lot of discussion on whether it is better to have male altar servers or to allow both girls and boys to serve at the altar. Most of the discussion ends up being people offering their opinions "I think it helps girls discern religious life" "I think it fosters vocations to the priesthood" "I think boys are more likely to serve if girls don't serve" "I … [Read more...]