Al Gore: “Because of Pope Francis, I really could become a Catholic”

Former vice president and pro-abortion politician recommends that people of all faith traditions should read Laudato Si' Glenmary Father John S. Rausch appeared on CNN Aug. 1 as part of a climate change town hall event with former United States Vice President Al Gore. After being introduced by host Anderson Cooper, Father John said his experience as a priest in Appalachia has led him to believe the climate crisis is a crisis in spirituality. Father … [Read more...]

A Catholic Al Gore?

Global warming politician says Pope Francis inspires him

The following comes from a May 5 Daily Caller article by Michael Bastasch: Like Paul on the road to Damascus, Al Gore had a revelation that he could become Catholic. Not because he’s had any religious revelation, but because of Pope Francis’s concern over global warming. “I think Pope Francis is quite an inspiring figure really,” Gore said during an event at the … [Read more...]

Climate change: the religious issue you didn’t know about

California Episcopalians move towards 'partnership' with political movement

The following comes from a March 30 Episcopal News Service article by Lynette Wilson:   [Episcopal News Service] When California Bishop Marc Andrus wants to engage people in a conversation about climate change he doesn’t throw statistics at them, rather he begins with a question like: When was the last time you had an experience of wonder in the natural world? “If … [Read more...]