Supreme Court vacates undocumented minor abortion ruling

Pro-life leader notes high court's decision failed to answer question of whether the federal government has an obligation to help an undocumented teen abort her unborn child – but it did deny the ACLU a major victory

On Monday the Supreme Court vacated an appellate court's decision from October which permitted an undocumented minor held in federal custody to an obtain an abortion. This move by the court means there will no longer be a precedent should a similar case arise. The June 4 order in Azar v. Garza was unanimous, though the initial case had been rendered moot as the minor had … [Read more...]

ACLU tries to drag Catholic Charities into illegal immigrant abortions

Catholic Charities and other faith-based organizations could be forced to tell young illegal immigrants in their care that they have a 'right' to an abortion

If the American Civil Liberties Union has its way, Catholic Charities and other faith-based organizations providing care for illegal alien minors will be forced to proclaim to the girls in their care during the shelter’s orientation that they have a “right” to an abortion. The ACLU seeks to compel this speech under the auspices of providing “notice” to the members of the … [Read more...]

Well heeled foundation spends millions to thwart religious freedom, push LGBT agenda

New York based Arcus Foundation gives millions for projects aimed at restricting legal protections for religious freedom, promote LGBT advocacy

One wealthy activist is continuing to fund coordinated efforts to limit religious freedom and to foster dissent on abortion and LGBT issues within American Christianity and other religious groups.   The New York-based Arcus Foundation was founded by billionaire heir Jon Stryker in 2000. Arcus is a partner of the U.S. State Department’s Global Equality Fund, which engages in … [Read more...]

Senate Republicans drop religious freedom amendment

Democrats threatened to hold up the $618.7 defense authorizations bill unless the amendment was removed

The following comes from a December 5 Catholic News Agency article by Matt Hadro: Senate Republicans agreed to remove a religious liberty amendment from a defense bill earlier this week, after a fierce campaign was waged against it by secular groups. “The leadership of the 115th Congress must double down against, not concede to, ridiculous, fact-free accusations meant to … [Read more...]

ACLU sues over charities that care for immigrant minors but won’t offer abortions

Lawsuit against HHS moves forward after judge rules plaintiff has standing to sue

The following comes from a November 30 Courthouse News article by Helen Christophi: SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union accusing the federal government of violating the U.S. Constitution by funding religious groups that care for unaccompanied immigrant minors but don’t offer birth control and … [Read more...]

Mercy San Juan Hospital stands by Catholic doctrine, sort of

But they grease the skids for transgender surgery at Methodist hospital

The following comes from an Aug. 30 story in the Sacramento Bee. Tuesday was supposed to be a big day for Evan Michael Minton. The Fair Oaks resident packed his bags for the hospital, said a prayer and counted down the hours until he would undergo the hysterectomy that would take him one step further in his transition from female to male. Instead he spent the day on … [Read more...]

L.A. County caves on the cross

Decides not to appeal decision on San Gabriel Mission in its official seal

The following comes from a June 21 story on The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday not to appeal a federal judge’s ruling finding a cross over the San Gabriel Mission on the county’s official seal to be unconstitutional. The vote, taken behind closed doors, was 3-2, with Supervisors Don Knabe and Michael Antonovich dissenting, according to … [Read more...]

Federal judge rules against Christian cross on LA county seal

Symbol on top of mission building is apparently unconstitutional

The following comes from an April 7 Buzzfeed article by Claudia Koerner: Los Angeles County violated the California constitution when it added a Christian cross to the official seal in 2014, a federal judge has ruled, dismissing arguments that the change was to promote historical accuracy. The ruling means the county will have to go back to an older version of the seal … [Read more...]

Under pressure from ACLU, Clovis Unified School Board approves gender-neutral dress code

New policy allows boys to wear long hair, earrings

The following comes from an April 6 Fresno Bee article by Mackenzie Mays: After months of debate, the Clovis Unified school board on Wednesday reluctantly approved a dress code that is gender-neutral. The new policy removes decades-old restrictions that prevented boys in the district from wearing long hair and earrings, and instead applies a single standard for all … [Read more...]

California cross returns, for a time, to haunt ACLU

The following comes from an April 5 Town Hall article by Robert Knight: A large cross commemorating the landing by Spanish explorers in Monterey, California in 1769 was back at Del Monte Beach, erected anonymously over Easter weekend. For a few tense days, vampires and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyers knew to avoid the area, while families took Easter … [Read more...]