She is the best speaker I’ve ever heard

Former Planned Parenthood workers to keynote Walk for Life West Coast

By Gibbons Cooney California Catholic Daily Exclusive San Francisco’s January 26 Walk for Life West Coast will be keynoted by two women with remarkably similar stories. Abby Johnson and Patricia Sandoval are former Planned Parenthood employees, have themselves had abortions, and are part of the movement of one-time employees who have repudiated the abortion giant. Abby … [Read more...]

EXPOSED: The billionaire Planned Parenthood donor who wants his donations kept very, very secret

Former abortion clinic director was taken to court because she knew his identity

The following comes from a September 28 LifeSite News article by Abby Johnson. Johnson is an American pro-life activist and convert to Catholicism who previously worked at Planned Parenthood as a clinic director, but resigned in October 2009 after watching an abortion on ultrasound. Johnson released a book, Unplanned, in January 2011, detailing her work at Planned Parenthood … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood videos don’t surprise former clinic director

Abby Johnson explains perspective of abortion workers; she will speak in Pasadena this week

The following comes from an August 27 Angelus article by Clara Fox: The information revealed in the undercover Planned Parenthood videos has shocked the nation, but the monetization of fetal body parts was an everyday occurrence for Abby Johnson during her eight years as a clinic director at Planned Parenthood. In 2009, Johnson experienced a conversion to the pro-life … [Read more...]

I don’t know if I’m pro-choice anymore

How the Planned Parenthood videos are challenging manhood

The following comes from an August 10 Daily Beast article by Ruben Navarette, Jr.: The only thing I hate more than talking about abortion is writing about it. It’s no accident that, in 2000 columns over a quarter century, I have never—ever—written about abortion. I’ve avoided the topic like a root canal. But that is getting harder to do with the release of what are now … [Read more...]

Let us in!

Planned Parenthood fails El Centro city inspection. Meanwhile, in Austin...

The following comes from an April 12 email from one of our readers: Dear Friends, The opening of the Planned Parenthood prenatal murder facility in El Centro, California has been postponed due to a city inspection revealing that the facility has so many beds and chairs that the fire suppression features in the facility are inadequate and must be upgraded. Planned … [Read more...]

Abortion quotas

‘But Abby, this is how we make our money’

The following comes from a July 22 posting on No one can put a price on human life – unless you work at Planned Parenthood. Then the number is coldly calculated: $313.29. In a new video released this morning, former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson revealed the secret budget her supervisor showed her in 2010, which she said required her … [Read more...]

I’ve had enough! I quit!

The following comes from a Mar. 26 newsletter sent by 40 Days for Life in Sacramento. Despite the rain, people came to pray for LIFE today at 1442 Ethan Way and as a result, we were blessed with very good news!   I watched the parking lot as several abortion business workers huddled together, holding their umbrellas, as they took turns hugging one abortion worker in … [Read more...]

‘We couldn’t believe that they had the nerve to come to San Francisco’

On January 25 the Walk for Life West Coast will be held in San Francisco. This year’s Walk marks the 10th anniversary of the event. The promotional video for the 2014 walk begins with a January 20, 2005 quote from Dian Harrison, the then-chief executive of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, who told the San Francisco Chronicle “We couldn’t believe that they had the nerve to … [Read more...]

Like refusing to look at a sonogram

San Francisco columnist says events like Walk For Life don’t change minds -- ignores history of pro-life converts News from the Trenches By Gibbons J. Cooney Special to California Catholic Daily According to a Jan. 17 column published in the San Francisco Chronicle, the annual Walk for Life West Coast is a big waste of time for both sides. Columnist C.W. Nevius … [Read more...]