Riding a wave of pro-life interest
San Francisco adds fall 40 Days for life campaign, which runs Sept. 25-Nov. 3

A heightened profile for pro-life activism this year has led to San Francisco’s first fall 40 Days for Life campaign. Local 40 Days organizer Clarisse Siu said that after last year’s assault on volunteer Ron Konopaski and the release

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San Francisco pro-lifer kicked and told to stay down
Ron Konopaski honored by 40 Days for Life

Ron Konopaski Ron Konopaski, 86, a longtime leader of 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns outside Planned Parenthood clinics in San Francisco, was awarded 40 Days for Life’s Leader of the Year award Aug. 2 at its summer leadership training

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40 Days for Life under way in San Francisco archdiocese

Participants wishing to join the prayerful pro-life presence outside Planned Parenthood clinics in Redwood City and San Francisco during the annual 40 Days for Life campaign March 6-April 12 can sign up for time slots directly on the organization’s website.

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Peace begins in the womb

In a county where expressions of opposition and resistance are a standard feature of the local landscape, three Catholic women praying the rosary quietly together outside the Planned Parenthood facility in downtown San Rafael elicited strong emotions on Sept. 26.

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Founder of 40 Days for Life enters Catholic Church on Easter

David Bereit, the founder of 40 Days for Life, entered the Catholic Church on Easter, giving thanks for the inspiration of influential Catholics, including his wife and children. “After years of prayer, discernment, and a whole lot of wrestling with

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“I wish someone had been here when I had my abortion. I wouldn’t have done it.”

As we enter the last two weeks of the international 40 Days for Life, 287 babies have already been saved from abortion. Find your nearest 40 Days for Life location and sign up, help women and save lives. A young woman rolled down

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