Crux looks back on US Church in 2017: Part 2

Debates over pastoral priorities and approaches

While the Church’s engagement in the public square is often what attracts major headlines - and 2017 did not disappoint as yesterday’s recap chronicled - the behind-the-scenes internal workings, and indeed, controversies, of the U.S. Church are equally important to remember. These machinations help illuminate larger trends in Church life, and often inform and shape the … [Read more...]

Crux looks back on US Church in 2017

Tension in the time of Trump

NEW YORK - When Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, offered a prayer at the inauguration of President Donald Trump last January, he stressed that his role at the event was not political, but rather, pastoral. “Many people may have reservations of the president-elect and I certainly do, as with any incoming president,” Dolan told reporters before the inauguration. … [Read more...]